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All tutoring will be face-to-face following class rules and guidelines

One-on-One Tutoring

Request a one-on-one peer tutor for specific course content

Nursing PLTL Tutoring 

The Nursing Peer-Led Team Learning tutoring is a discussion group led by a tutor who is closely connected with the professor. The tutor follows the professor's guidance on what to review during the sessions. It is formed by six students maximum and a tutor, and they meet for two hours on a weekly basis.  Everyone is expected to attend all of the sessions throughout the semester, and every member in the group contributes to everyone's success in the course.  Request PLTL Tutoring

Academic Skills Tutoring

In Academic Skills Tutoring, students will be introduced to Time Management, Note Taking & Study Skills, and Test Taking Strategies tools. Students can choose to take one or two or all of them.

  • Time Management - learn how to utilize the tools to take control of your time
  • Note Taking and Study Skills - further develop listening, reasoning, note taking and reviewing abilities
  • Test Taking - specific strategies to help students to prepare and develop a plan to take quizzes and tests

The content of these modules will help keep students organized and prepared for their daily classes, quizzes and tests, and potentially reduce daily stress levels. Request Academic Skills Tutoring

Drop-In Tutoring

Drop-In Tutoring is designed to accommodate busy, on-the-go enrolled students.  View the drop-in schedule