Become a Tutor


  • Professor Recommendation
  • Overall GPA of 3.0 or higher at all times
  • A or B in course wishing to tutor and took the course at AU
  • An interest in helping students with an attitude of encouragement and support
  • An interview with Denisia Stoops, Director of Tutoring Programs 
  • Submit a Resume before or at the interview
  • Successful completion of tutor training


  • Being prepared for tutoring session
  • Timely communication with the Tutoring Programs office (419.207.6779 or dstoops@ashland.eduand the student(s) being tutored
  • Submit brief online “Session Report Form” after each tutoring session
  • For payment purposes, you will be using kronos to record your hours
  • Submit Tutor Exit Survey 

After notification from the Tutoring Programs office to proceed with tutoring, it is the responsibility of the tutor to schedule convenient day & time for individual tutoring sessions on the designated areas according to the Tutor Handbook campus map.

Tutors are paid $8.80/hour for both individual and group sessions. 

Submit Session Report

Tutors are required to complete and submit the session report form after each tutoring session.

  • Individual sessions - submit one form for each student
  • Group sessions - Submit one form with all the names of the students at the session -  Session Report Webform

Submit Tutor Exit Survey

The survey has only four questions, and the survey link will be sent to the tutor on the appropriate time