Tutor of the Year - Camille Ringot

Camille Ringot

Camille Ringot 

MBA student 



My name is Camille Ringot and I am from Paris, France. This is my fifth and last year in Ashland University. I have made a lot of great connections, especially with students and professors. 

I was an undergraduate student at Ashland University and graduated last May with a major in Finance and double minors in Business Analytics and International Business. I graduated with a 3.9 GPA as an undergraduate and a 4.0 GPA as a graduate student. 

I tutored one-on-one (38 students) in diverse business classes, both undergrad (12 courses) and MBA level (5 courses), and (tutored 722.5 hours throughout 8 semesters from Fall 2018-Spring 2022).  Specific number data added by Tutoring Programs Office with permission.

I started tutoring French sessions as a first year in 2018 and started tutoring business classes in my second year of college. After graduating from my MBA this May, I will go back to my home in France and start another MBA program in my field of choice (MBA in Luxury Management & Marketing).

Tutoring was a real experience for me and helped me grow as a person and made me love helping people. Tutoring made me realize that in the future I would love becoming a professor and teaching a business class. Tutoring not only helps students at Ashland University but it also helps tutor to grow and learn more every single day as you help someone else. It doesn’t come without challenges, but it is worth the journey. Every single person I tutored was a blessing and helped me grow and become a better person as I helped them with their struggle in the course. The recognition that I got from every single student I tutored is something that I will never forget. 

A message from the Tutoring Programs office...

The Tutoring Programs team is grateful for the opportunity to have worked with you. Thank you so much for tutoring in Acct 201, 202, 207 & 307; Econ 301, 232 & 233; Fin 228, 329 & 429; and MBA 500,  505, 511, 517 & 545. We appreciate you and your  commitment in sharing your knowledge with students helping them to succeed academically.  We wish you all the success.