Does it cost money?

No, Ashland University offers free tutoring

Do I need an appointment for Drop-in?

No! Drop-in's are welcome and encouraged!

Please check the schedule at and stop in when a tutor for your specific subject is on duty

Can I get a private tutor?

Yes! Go to the site below to request a personal tutor in your specific area of need

Scheduled tutoring requires regular attendance throughout the duration of the semester.

Can I request tutoring for more than one class?


What Does a Study Skills Tutor Do?

A study skills tutor is very knowledgeable in Time Management, Taking Notes, Study skills, and Test Taking Strategies. The soft skills tutor provides one-on-one, small group or online (only for Time Management). Tutoring sessions are during a 4-week period to assist students in identifying their academic strengths and needs, and to build an efficient set of study skills to achieve academic success.

What can I expect from a tutoring session?

You can expect help finding answers to questions and gain further clarification and practice on topics you are trying to grasp better. Tutors can:

  • Review content for your weekly class
  • Provide study tips and specific strategies for classes/professors
  • Help you work through attempted homework questions
  • Quiz you for practice before tests and quizzes
  • Tutors have experience in the courses they are tutoring. They successfully apply the study techniques they share
What we expect from the student who will be tutored?
  • Be on time. Let your tutor know at least one hour before if you are not able to keep the appointment for a good reason
  • Read the material and attempt to do the homework assignment as much as possible
  • Tutors will not help with homework that will be graded
  • Meet with your tutor on a weekly basis
  • The student will complete the assignment. The tutor will not do it for you
  • Fill out a survey evaluating the tutor and the services
Why should I trust a tutor?
  • Tutors are trained and required to maintain a confidentiality agreement
  • They are also chosen by your faculty
Tutoring is NOT:
  • Used to teach content chapter/s. Professors teach content. Tutors review content
  • A time to sit and complete an entire homework assignment
  • Make up for not attending class; it's meant to review content from a class you attended
In what subjects does the Tutoring Center offer support?
  • Name a subject and we have/hire a tutor for you!
  • Looking for help in writing and English courses? You will need to go to the Writing Center in the Bixler building to sign up with a writing assistant or go to the AU site and search for the writing center website.
Who are the tutors?
  • Students who have successfully completed the courses they tutor, took the course at AU, earned an A or B in the course, and maintain an overall GPA of 3.0 or higher all times
  • Tutors are recommended by the professors as possessing helpful skills, knowledge, and insights they can pass along to other students
  • They go through an extensive tutor training