myAU Course Menu Coming this Weekend!

Posted by Spencer Stadnik on October 2, 2015

Tomorrow afternoon (Saturday, October 3rd), your 2016 Spring courses will be made available to you! They will automatically populate within your Blackboard Learn environment. As we continue the semester we will be implementing several great features that Blackboard has to offer. This is our opportunity to start implementing a standard AU branded experience within our online learning environment. The myAU Course Menu does leverage some familiar labeling from Angel, to help return a sense of familiarity of organization labels.  Our goal is to move towards a best practice of offering a standardized course menu that will help students spend less time adjusting to the technical format of the course navigation and be better able to jump in and focus on the curriculum.  Given the varied nature of courses across AU and the varied needs based on the instructional and content design, tools and resources, the myAU Course Menu allows us to provide consistent navigation landmarks and organization that will improve consistency across courses and hopefully reduce the learning curve and technical hurdle from course to course. 

If this menu causes red alert be not afraid, for you can continue to use the menu from your previous courses. We have created several instructional materials to help you with this menu. Remember that we are here to help try to make your teaching and learning experience the best that it can be. Check out the playlist below for more videos on the myAU Course Menu. Thanks for you cooperation and have a great weekend!

myAU Course Menu and Copying into Course Shells