The Next Steps in the Migration Process

Posted by Jason Coale on July 15, 2015


It's been a busy week so we have a lot to share with everyone. 
We are ready to begin the next step in the process of migration from Angel to Bb Learn!  Let me begin by saying thank you to everyone for your responses to our initial Angel Course Listings Spreadsheets.  We have submitted these requests to Blackboard and should begin seeing those migrations going through very soon.  I know everyone is anxious for those courses to show up so just hang in there a bit longer. I try to think of it like its the night before Christmas and less like we're waiting in line at the post office.
The first listings provided that you already completed were of active Angel courses (courses that had been made available to students and were not deactivated at the conclusion of the class). The majority of courses that we believe to be in need of migration were part of this listing. Now we must examine all courses from Angel to assure that nothing is forgotten (including inactive course shells i.e. sandboxes, anything that was turned off to students, etc.).  The process is similar to that requested on the first round with a few differences. Here is a video that outlines this process and answers some of the questions we received from the first round of responses.
IMPORTANT - Watch this video
Begin by clicking the following link to open the Shared Google Sheet file with these listings.
It is a requirement for these responses to be completed in the shared google sheet in your browser window. You can not email your responses or provide a copy of the sheet that you have filled out. We will rely upon department chairs to respond for any instructors who are currently unavailable or are no longer active at AU.
Here is a link to written instructions on this procedure
DEADLINE for completion- July 24th
We have learned a lot from the migrations we have done thus far and have compiled a checklist of things that you should do in Angel in order for your information to transfer over as successfully as possible.  Here is a link to that document -
Finally, for any courses that are found to have errors in their migration or for courses that are needed immediately and were not included in the previous spreadsheet submission, we have created a form that can be filled out that we personally process here at #LearnAU. You can access this form through the following link -


Wow that was a lot. Reach out to us at with any questions you might have.