Our Future's So Bright, We Gotta Wear Shades!

Posted by Brandy Schaad on October 30, 2015

As we close out another workweek here at Ashland University, I’d like to reflect with you on some of the wonderful things from our week here on the LearnAU Team.

First, we would like to welcome Dr. Todd Marshall to our team and to Ashland University. Dr. Marshall is the new Associate Provost and his first day was Monday. I have had the pleasure of working with Dr. Marshall everyday this week. I am truly excited to have him here and look forward to the days, weeks, months, semesters, and years ahead! I believe this is just the beginning of something great!

Our team has been working on some new content development strategies this week as well. We have been experimenting with some pretty cool tools too. If interactive content interests you, we have some great things developing and coming on the horizon!

Our team is also making some internal changes. Sadly, Eric Sherman will be leaving our team and moving on to other endeavors. Eric has been an intricate part of our successful move to Bb Learn. Thank you to Eric for all that he has done for our team and university. Angela Titherage will be taking over the role of Instructional Designer and Spencer Stadnik will be moving into the Content Developer role. We are very excited about the positive effects and growth this will allow individually, for our team and our university.

Finally, we wrapped up our week with our LearnAU 2nd Annual Reverse Trick-or-Treat! What another fun time! Chris Stormer, our new Bb Learn System Administrator, got an opportunity to meet many people he had only had the pleasure of working with over the phone or via email. Angela Titherage won the award for the best costume – she was an “Instruction” Worker! Check out the picture. She was decked out in a hard hat and all! My time, this year, was cut a little shorter with my ankle injury, but I still got to see many people I do not get to see very often. Paige Perkeybile from HR was my personal nurse, so she guided us around and introduced us to many new people.

I think we have wrapped up a pretty great week. If this week is any indication of what lies ahead, I’d have to say our future looks pretty bright! We may all have to wear shades! Enjoy your weekend and have a Happy and Safe Halloween!

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