The Training of Champions

Posted by Eric Sherman on March 20, 2015

This week we onlGroup of people around table in conference roomy have enough time for a quick update. Blackboard has been on campus since Tuesday. Bb's trainer, in addition to the #LearnAU team, has been supporting the TSC staff in discovering how best to leverage the new tools available to them in Blackboard (LMS), especially Collaborate. Additionally, we've been meeting with the AU's Bb Champions. Champions are volunteers from the faculty of all our colleges who have stepped up to accept the call to be first adopters, advocates, and first-point-of-contact in their respective departments and disciplines.

Training continues next week (March 23-27) for your Champions through some Collaborate sessions. Then, the following week (March 30-April 3), our Bb supplied trainer returns to wrap things up.

We continue to have the Blackboard Online Training Videos available to all. And, once the Champions have been trained, #LearnAU will announce the roll-out of our own online training videos as well as make available dates and opportunities on our calendar to train with us face-to-face.

We've also begun meeting face-to-face with each college during faculty meetings. Last week we met with the College of Education. Next week we have scheduled the College of Business & Economics, and the College of Arts & Sciences. We want to update each college in person as well as field questions you may have as we moved forward with this transition.

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