What Are We Up To Now???

Posted by Brandy Schaad on May 15, 2015

As we wind up another week, we are already planning for the next one that will be here in the blink of an eye. For some reason, the weekends just go by way too fast, and for that matter, so do the weeks! In any case, we hope your past week was productive as new Summer Semester courses began, and a few of you took advantage of some of our face-to-face training opportunities.

As a reminder, next week there will not be any scheduled face-to-face training opportunities. For starters, we will be acclimating our new Content Developer into his new position with our LearnAU Team. Jason Coale will be joining us beginning bright and early Monday morning. He will be working with faculty and our Team to develop media rich, interactive, and engaging content for our online, hybrid, and web enhanced courses. We are looking forward to having Jason as part of our team! Watch our webpages and blog for more information about Jason!

Next week, as much as we would love to be sitting around eating bonbons, we will be hard at it developing videos and online training tools for Bb Learn. Many of you have asked for online resources, so next week we are taking a break from the scheduled face-to-face sessions and are going to really be concentrating on online video and training content development. We know these online resources will be very valuable as we move along with Bb Learn.

We will also be working to design Bb Learn training for the rest of the summer. Don’t worry; we are not taking a permanent break from the face-to-face. We know many of you prefer that method; so now that we have provided about six weeks of face-to-face training sessions, based on what we thought was most relevant to get those of you teaching this summer started, we are now going to change our focus to be more need-specific based. Again, next week is going to be busy for us as we complete the design of what this will look like and how we will deliver the information to you. Based on what we have talked about so far, I think many of you will find the new structure helpful and useful for your individual needs and teaching styles.

Now that I have bored all of you to death with my update, I think if you have made it this far, you deserve to be rewarded. How does an hour of personalized, one-on-one training time with Eric sound? And let’s see…how about we’ll throw in lunch too! Well, just send an email to learn-au@ashland.edu using your Ashland email. In the subject line type, “I’ll Take It!” and your name will be entered in a drawing for that lovely prize! The drawing will be held Tuesday, May 19th at 8:00 am. And you know, we might just be adding a few more prizes here and there so make sure you stop back often! Have a wonderful weekend and good luck in our drawing!