Purpose of the Core

CoreThe core curriculum orients your thinking to university levels.  It involves preparing you to be a wise person, on par with other university-educated people.  The core curriculum teaches people how to think and gives them practice in doing this, independent of any particular ‘practical’ application of that ability.  Successfully completing the core curriculum prepares you to think with reason, to act with skill in the conduct of practical affairs and to live a morally-reflective life with the aid of good character and habits. This development of essential general competencies, empirical and normative knowledge, theoretical skills and principles and practical skills of wellness and evaluation never become technologically outdated.

Core Curriculum

Ashland University’s core curriculum, consistent with the liberal arts, seeks to develop wisdom and transferable, lifelong skills. Through 10 subject areas and a variety of teaching formats, the core prepares students to think with reason, act with skill and live with values.