Honors Program Fall Courses

Fall 2022


Section: REHON  MWF 11-11:50AM Dr. Craig Hovey

An introductory exploration of principles, movements and topics of Christian theological ethics. This course guides students through complex questions of moral reasoning and some of the Biblical, historical and theological resources used to address them. Topics may include immigration, homosexuality and same-sex marriage, forgiveness and reconciliation, justice, war, and abortion. College-level writing skills are required. Meets Core credit for Religion.Meets core credit for Religion

Dr. Craig Hovey

COM 101 HUMAN COMMUNICATION (3 credit hours)

Section: REHON MWF 1-1:50PM Dr. Cory Hillman

This course encompasses communication theory, interpersonal communication, small group communication and public speaking. Emphasis is placed on speaking, critical thinking, listening skills. Attention is also paid to nonverbal communication. Meets core credit for Communications.

Cory Hillman

PH 215 Introduction to Ethics (3 credit hours)

Section: REHON  MWF 2:-2:50PM  Dr. Louis Mancha

This course is a substantive study of major classical figures in western moral philosophy, including Plato, Aristotle, Aquinas, Kant, Mill, and Nietzsche. It deals with the questions: What are the fundamental rules that guide our actions? Can we ever rationally justify moral judgments? What is the relationship between ethics and religion? While this course emphasizes theory, the philosophers' views are explicated with regard to contemporary issues. Meets core credit for the Humanities.

Dr. Louis Mancha

ART 150 Art and Ideas (3 credit hours)

Section: REHON  MWF 9-9:50AM   Dr. Wendy Schaller

A combined visual and thematic introduction to Western art. The form and content of painting, sculpture, architecture, and graphics will be studied through a series of themes and purposes. Students will investigate the interplay of form and meaning of art objects from multiple eras through such themes as death and the macabre, entertainment, power and politics, religious beliefs, and landscape and the environment. The course introduces many of the issues associated with the visual arts including iconoclasm, restoration, aesthetic quarrels, and questions of cultural property. This course is designed for non-art majors to fulfill institutional core requirements in aesthetics, and is not open to students who have taken ART 256 or ART 257 respectively. Meets core credit for Aesthetics.

Dr. Wendy Schaller

HIST 212 American History Through the Civil War (3 credit hours)

Section: REHON MWF 12-12:50PM  Dr. Cara Rogers

An examination of the creation and development of a distinctively American civilization, from its origins through the Civil War (to 1865). Meets core credit for Historical Reasoning.

Cara Rogers

HIST 112 Western Civilization (3 credit hours)

Section: REHON MW 3-4:15PM  Dr. John Moser

This course will seek to answer the question What is civilization? by studying certain historical moments in the West-classical Greece, the Roman Republic, early Christianity, the High Middle Ages, and the Renaissance-in order to see the changes over time in politics, religion, society, economics, and culture and to realize the extent to which the present world has inherited these institutional and intellectual foundations of human life. Meets Core credit for historical reasoning.

Dr. John Moser

HON 310 Honors Capstone Preparation (One credit hour)

Section: REHON Time: M 5-5:50PM Dr. Jeffrey Weidenhamer

Prerequisite:  Enrollment in Honors Program; at least junior status or with permission from the Honors Program Director

The process of preparing a Capstone Project, including selecting a topic, choosing mentors, preparing a bibliography, constructing a written prospectus and outlining a timetable for completing the Capstone Project. This course is required for all juniors who plan to complete an Honors Capstone Project their senior year. This course may be taken by conference if there is a scheduling conflict. Graded S/U.


HON 390 Honors Interdisciplinary Seminar (3 credit hours)

Section: REHON  Time: M 6:30-9PM     Instructors:TBD

Prerequisite: Enrollment in Honors Program; at least sophomore status.

A course devoted to various topics related to the Honors Program Mission of challenging the mind and participating in an intellectual community devoted to discussion and dialogue. Topics will be cross-disciplinary in nature, and the course may be team taught. Typically, the course will be tied to a study abroad opportunity in the spring semesters of odd-numbered years. May be repeated once with a different topic. Meets CCI credit when completing the course with the study away component and the corresponding CCI narrative.