Printing Services

Ashland University has a centralized fleet of medium-duty and high-speed copiers and printers.  They exist to enable the best printing, copying or scanning value available for Ashland University communication needs.  The equipment is standardized across all locations and funneled through a single supplier which permits negotiated favorable pricing and consistent application.  The medium-duty machines are located in the various office suites on all of our campuses.  The high-speed machines are located in the Print Services area in the basement of Amstutz Hall on the Ashland main campus.  The FAQ’s below should answer most general questions.  However, if you require additional assistance please contact the Information Technology at 419.289.5405 or submit a ticket at

Questions & Answers

How do I report a problem with the office multi-function unit?

The most important aspect of any problem is that we get you and your department back functioning as quickly as possible.  With that in mind, service issues with a printer or multi-function device should be reported through any of the following channels:

Please be prepared to provide both the Unit Number (from the front of the device) and the location.

What should Print Services do for me?

 Without question, the most cost effective method of printing in high volume quantities is by printing through AU Print Services.  High volume printing can be quantified as 100 pages per print job. 

In general, As part of the Communications and Marketing department, Printing Services is available to handle the management of all printing needs including large and small print runs, color and black and white copies and all finishing services such as folding, trimming and bindery. We also handle large format printing of posters, banners and other materials. Please contact your Marketing liaison for new projects or Printer Services directly for reprints.

What is PaperCut?

PaperCut is a print management solution used at AU. This solution permits the University to analyze print volume per device and user.

What if my office is moving?

Ashland University personnel should not move any printing device.  If you are planning an office move, please contact Information Technology at 419-289-5405 or submit a ticket at  We will need to know your Unit #, location, and the intended move location.  Please keep in mind that we will coordinate your move with our outside vendor so more planning time is better than less.  It is possible that if your office is moving to a location with existing printing infrastructure, your office device may be withheld to be redeployed at another in a different location.  

Student Printing Allocations

Each student at the university is given a printing allocation per semester.

Once their account limit is exceeded, students must add to their printing accounts by depositing funds to their printing accounts at the service counter at the Ashland University Campus Store, located in Hawkins-Conard Student Center.

Duplex Printing

This is the preferred method of printing on campus.  Black and white duplex printing is by far the most cost effective method of office printing.  Public printers and office printers on campus are configured to support duplex, or double-sided printing. To duplex in Windows XP, select "Print" and then a specific public printer. Click the "Properties" button and then the "Print Setup" tab. Here you will find the duplexing option, with the choices for single sided, short edge, or long edge duplexing. In Windows 7, 8, and 10, you can choose how you would like to print your document by changing the properties in the printing tab of any given program. 

To duplex in Mac OSX, select "Print" and choose a printer as usual. From the drop-down menu that says "Copies & Pages," select the "Layout" option. This preference pane contains the options for duplex printing.

Color Printing

Some multi-function units support color printing.  It is more expensive for Ashland University to print in color.  Please limit color office printing to only those pages which are necessary to print in color.  The Print Services area can print in color for you.

Copyright Questions

Ashland University takes copyright seriously in both printed and electronic form.  If you have any questions about what is permissible or appropriate at Ashland University, please contact or contact your Marketing liaison.

Some basic information regarding copyright management here at Ashland University can be found at

How do I order paper?

Ashland University purchases paper in bulk.  Paper can be ordered by the ream or case through the AU Campus Store:  419-207-6355 or

Poster Printing

Print Services prints posters for student academic assignments and faculty and staff projects. For additional information visit the Print Services website.  Please contact your Marketing liaison for new poster projects or Printer Services directly for reprints.

To whom should questions, comments and concerns be addressed?

Copiers and printers are maintained through Information Technology. To report a problem or if you have a question, concern, or comment, please contact the IT helpdesk at 419-289-5405 or submit a ticket at

Ricoh Printer Features & Benefits

Ashland University has over ninety Ricoh multifunction printers in departmental offices and public computer labs. In addition to printing, all Ricoh machines on campus can also be used for copying and scanning. See the links below to learn how to use those features:

  • Scan to email
  • Copying

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do I report a problem with the office multi-function unit?
  • What about printing sensitive documents?
  • What should Print Services do for me?
  • What if my office is moving?
  • I think I need an additional/replacement printer?
  • What is duplex printing?
  • What is PaperCut?
  • Color printing?
  • Copyright questions
  • How do I order paper?
  • Poster Printing