General WIFI Connection Questions

Can I connect my personal devices? Can I connect more than one device?

Yes! You can connect as many devices as you like.

My device does not have wireless capability, how do I connect to the network?

There may be options available to you. Please call the Helpdesk for further information.

What wireless network should I connect?

You should connect to AUSecure with your Ashland User ID and Password.

Can guests of the AU campus access the wireless network?

Yes, guests can get on the AU guest network by connecting to the “AshlandUniversity” SSID and follow the on-screen instructions.

My device shows me the AshlandUniversity network but not the AUSecure network. How do I connect with my User ID and Password?

Your device may not support the ability to authenticate with a Username and Password. In this case, use the AshlandUniversity network. Select the option “Connect with Existing Account”.

I can see the AUSecure network, but my device does not have the ability to enter a Username and Password.

Please see the section regarding Media Devices or Gaming Devices.

When connecting to the AUSecure network, my device just keeps trying to connect but never succeeds and/or the network shows ‘Disabled’. What can I do?

Your account may be locked out, the password may be wrong, or your username is misspelled. Please call the Helpdesk to validate your account information.

When connecting to the AshlandUniversity using the ‘Connect with Existing Account’; it tells me ‘Invalid Username or Password’.

Your account may be locked out, password is wrong or username is misspelled. Please contact the Helpdesk to validate your account information.

Is my connection to the network secure?

If you are using the AUSecure network, yes, the wireless traffic is secure over the air. If you are using AshlandUniversity network, your information is not secure over the air. If you are transmitting sensitive information, be sure that you are connecting to a secure website when doing so. This is no different then using open networks at coffee shops, restaurants, etc.

What is the Eduroam network and can I use it?

Absolutely! The Eduroam WiFi Service allows staff and students from member universities to access the WiFi of another member university when visiting that institution.

What happened to the Ethernet or hardwire in my room or is Ethernet available in my room?

Ethernet or hardwire in the dorms was eliminated with upgrade of wireless.

Can I install my own wireless equipment or network equipment in my room?

No. A wireless network will usually escape the confines of a building and could easily interfere with the existing wireless network and other wireless users in the building or surrounding areas. This would lead to very unreliable operation and tremendously increased support costs. Generally, any wireless networking equipment found within a building that is not part of the campus-wide wireless network will be disconnected with little or no advance notice

Android/Apple Device Connection Issues:

My Android device asked for Anonymous Identity. It does not seem to work. What can I do?

Do not enter anything in the ‘Anonymous Identity’ field- leave it blank. Enter your username in the ‘Identity’ field.

On my Android Device, after entering my Identity and Password, the Connect button is grey. How do I connect?

On the same screen as your Identity and Password, you will find and option ‘CA Certificate’. Select the option ‘Do not validate’. Leave the ‘Anonymous Identity’ blank.

My Apple Device prompts to trust a certificate when I connect to the AUSecure network. Should I trust it?

Yes, please trust the certificate.

Media and/or Gaming Devices:

How do I connect my Media or Gaming system to the network? This would include devices such as xBox, Playstation, AppleTV, Roku, FireTV, Firestick, etc.

These devices typically need registered before connecting. Using another device (such as a Windows computer), connect to the network and navigate to this page: Click the link at the bottom of the page for instructions to register your device

Miscellaneous Questions:

Can I use WiFi calling on my cellphone?

WiFi calling is supported on the network, however there are options on certain cell phones and cellular providers that may need configured before WiFi calling will work on your particular device. Please work with your cellular carrier to get these enabled and adjusted.

I lost my device- can you help me track it?

Yes, there is limited support to try and see the last known location of your device. Please call the Helpdesk to help locate your device.

My connection is faster in some areas or buildings then others. Why?

Wireless is a shared mechanism. The more devices connected in a given area and/or the amount of data being sent/received will result in varied speeds.

My really old laptop cannot see any wireless networks. Why?

Some older devices do not support the latest wireless technology. Very old wireless standards have a significant impact on the wireless network and have been disabled intentionally.

What wireless network card or adapters can I use?

Any wireless network card should work as long as it supports 802.1x, WPA2 Enterprise and AES protocols. Some wireless cards may require a driver update in order to work correctly and these can usually be found on the manufacturer's web site.

My issue isn’t listed above. Who can I work with to help me connect my device to the network?

Please call the Helpdesk to assist you with connecting your device.

Your Username & ID Number

To retrieve your Ashland username & ID number:

  1. Connect to:
  2. Click Account information at the bottom right corner of the screen.
  3. Click What's my login Information
  4. Enter your Last Name & either your Campus ID # OR your Social Security Number with no symbols or spaces. Do not enter both.
  5. Click Submit.
  6. Your username is shown.
  7. If you don't know your ID #, you can find it on your Ashland University ID card, or listed as your Campus ID number or Student ID number on most official paperwork from Ashland University. The TSC/OIT CANNOT provide this number.

Enrolling in the Password Reset Tool

The OIT strongly recommends you enroll in the Password Reset Tool and change your password.

Visit for detailed directions on how to activate, change, and manage your Ashland University Network Password. If you forget your password or it expires, you have several different options to recover your account.

You may:
-visit and follow the directions for Account Recovery
-call the TSC co retrieve a 15-character temporary password

Connect to the wireless networks on campus?

There are two wireless networks available throughout the main campus. "AshlandUniversity" for guests & "AUSecure" for current students. Note that all Residence Halls are fully wireless and any questions or concerns regarding wireless should be directed to the TSC.

"AUSecure" wireless network
This network provides a more secure connection and usually only requires login credentials once. The use of this network is intended for current students attending AU. Note: If you change your network password you will be prompted to enter the new password. Also, Windows updates can change these settings. If this occurs, AUSecure will need to be removed from the device and re-added.

Print from my personal devices?

Print from your Personal Device(s) Using Google Cloud Print

Navigate to or go to the IT page on the AU Website and select Google Cloud Printing from the left-hand menu for more information.

Connect a smartphone or tablet to the wireless network

Smarrphones and tablets generally support the WPA2 Enterprise security used on the AUSecure network, but instructions for setup will vary depending on the device. Please refer to your device's manual to configure your device. You may be asked by the device to provide the following;

  • Network Name or SSID: AUSecure
  • Security: WPA2 Enterprise
  • Encryption Type: AES
  • Phase 2 Authentication: MSCHAPV2
  • Ashland Username and Password

Connect a game system or other device to the wireless network

Ashland University allows gaming devices to connect wirelessly. See Section C for Instructions. To use the wireless network, please see below:

I. Devices with a web-browser

If a device has a web-browser, you can connect using the instructions under Connecting to the wireless networks: I. "AllhlandUniversity" wireless network section.

II. Other network devices

If the device does not have a web browser. a web browser is not readily available, or you have had difficulty getting the device registered using the web browser, please contact the TSC with the following information so your device can be registered for automatic connection to the AshlandUniversity network:

  • Your Ashland University username
  • The type/brand of device f,.e. Xbox One, PS4, Kindle, Nook. etc)
  • The wireless MAC/physical address for the device
  • Your phone number. building and room

Instructions on how to find your MAC/physical address can be found on the AU Portal.

  1. Click "Register a Network Device"
  2. Search for your gaming device type

Minimum student system requirements

Some Academic Colleges at Ashland University have specific hardware and software requirements for students majoring within the College.

Computer specs for each College

Getting a copy of Microsoft Office 365 for Windows, Mac, & Chromebook

  1. Navigate to, login using your Ashland username and password, and follow the directions to get your copy of the software.
    • Chromebook users must download their copy of Office from the Google Play Store.
  2. If you are unable to login to download the software please contact the Tech Support Center.

Downloadable Resources

Wireless FAQ
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