Self-Service Password Tool

Reset Password

You may use the information on this page to activate your account, set your initial password, and manage your password during your time at Ashland University. Passwords expire every 2 years  and can be reset through that Self-Service Password Tool.

Your password:

  • Generally speaking, all of the following requirements can be met by making your password a grammatically correct sentence (using punctuation marks and capitalization where appropriate).
  • Minimum number of characters must be at least 12
  • Must contain at least 1 upper-case character
  • Must contain at least 1 special character or symbol
  • Must include at least 1 numerical character
  • Must not contain any character more than twice in a row
  • Must not have 5 consecutive characters from username
  • Must not contain restricted patterns (e.g. qwerty, asdf, 1234, ashland)
  • Must not contain 5 consecutive characters your old password
  • Must contain at least 1 lower-case character(s)

The Password Reset Tool resets the password for the following accounts:

  • Ashland University Network password
  • Blackboard Learn
  • Colleague
  • GMail/Google Apps
  • KBox
  • MyAU Portal
  • eRezLife (
  • WebAdvisor

NOTE: This tool does NOT manage any of the passwords for the following systems:

  • Kronos
  • Nursing applications
  • The Office of Admissions' Eagles Landing
  • Physical Plant work order system (SchoolDude)

Activating Your Ashland Account

Downloadable instructions to activate your account (PDF)

  1. Navigate to Click on the “Activate” button shown under "New User?"
  2. After you click the link, you will see the field to enter you Domain User Name. Please enter your username and click “Continue.”
  3. You will then be shown a screen showing various password recovery methods. You must select "Send verification code to my Email ID."  Then, select your personal, non-AU email from the drop-down list. Then click “Continue”

If you select “Send verification code to my email id”, you will see a screen stating that a verification code has been sent to you.You should receive an email with the verification code. Each code will be unique. 
Enter the code you received into “Verification Code” box on the Password Reset Tool website, then click “Continue”. If you have entered the code correctly, you will see the screen with the password requirements and fields to enter your new password. 
Enter your new password, confirm your new password, enter the green characters, and click “Reset Password”.

Find My Username and Password

Please follow the directions below to access your username and reset your password.

Downloadable instructions to find your username and password (PDF)

Managing Your Account Recovery Options

Downloadable instructions to manage your account recovery options (PDF)

  1. Navigate to Then login to the Password Reset Tool.
  2. You will see the screen asking you to enroll. Click on “Click Here”.
  3. You will be presented with several methods to enroll in the Password Reset Tool. It is recommended that you enroll in multiple recovery methods.

The first method of enrollment is Security Questions.

  • You must select 3 different security questions and provide answers to them.
  • Capitalization will not affect your answers.
  • If you uncheck the “Hide Answers” box, you will be able to see your responses as you type them.
  • Once you have set up your security questions, the screen will state that you have enrolled for security questions.

An additional enrollment method is through verification code.

  • This method will allow you to register an alternate email address to receive a recovery code.
  • The email address you choose should be one that you can reliably access.
  • Please use an email address that is not your Ashland University Gmail account.
  • Once you have registered an alternate email, you will see the screen with your listed registered email addresses.

The final method of enrollment is Google Authenticator.

  • This method requires a smartphone. Please follow the directions listed on the webpage.
  • When you have successfully enrolled using Google Authenticator, you should see the page with a QR Code.