Numismatic Center

Ashland University firmly believes that the field of Numismatics has an important place within a university curriculum. As the historical study of coins and currency continues to shed new light on cultures of the past, as well as serve as a guide for the socioeconomic policies of the future, the Leo & Laura Thomas Numismatic Center intends to play an active role in expanding this field of knowledge.

The Leo & Laura Thomas Numismatic Center, located on the sixth floor of Ashland University's Archer Library, is under the management of Robert C. (‘Bud’) Ingmand, who serve as volunteer director. You are encouraged to visit the Center to view and study its many fascinating displays.

At this time the Numismatic Center does not have regular hours, but we would love to give you a tour. Please call or email Bud to set up an appointment.


Contact Information

Robert ("Bud") Ingram
Phone: 419-281-2230