Special Books Collection

Welcome to the Special Books Room

Located on the third floor of Archer Library, the Special Books Collection is a secure area where books that are considered rare, unique, or fragile are housed. These books are available in the library,  but are not part of the circulating collection. Items in this collection be viewed in the Special Books Room by appointment with the Curator.

About this Collection

Materials in the Special Books Room are selected based on many different factors: age, condition, value, or author. The books are kept in a separate secure room where we can do our best to minimize their handling and control the temperature and humidity. This will help preserve the books for future generations.

The display areas on the Main Floor of the Library often has display that feature a selection of the Special Books Collection books and items.


AU Archives 

Visit AU Archives at  http://ashland.pastperfectonline.com/

For more Information

Learn more about the special books collection on our Library Guide.
If you are interested in learning more about the Special Books Collection, please contact:

Reference & Curator Librarian, Jessica Byers
Phone: 419.289.5407
Email: jbyers7@ashland.edu