IRC Services & Pricing

The Instructional Resource Center is open to Ashland University students, faculty and staff. We provide resources such as laminating, Ellison Machines, color printing, button makers, and binding. Additionally, a small selection of materials and supplies are available on-site for purchase.

Payment for any IRC purchase, including account numbers for deptarment transfer of funds, is required at point-of-sale.

About Laminating:

  • IRC staff is prepared to assist users with laminating and binding, however drop-off service for projects is not provided.
  • Roll laminating projects will not be started if there is not time to complete the project during regular operating hours.
  • If using the sheet laminator, IRC supplies must be used. We do not accept outside laminating sheets.


Materials & Supplies Price List

Binding 75¢ - Includes cover sheet(s)
Binding - comb only 50¢ each
Bulletin Board Paper 15¢ per foot - all colors
Button maker: 1 ⅝ inch button 20¢ per button, 5¢ per additional plastic cover
Button maker: 2 ⅓ inch button 25¢ per button, 5¢ per additional plastic cover
Button maker: 3 ⅛ inch button 30¢ per button, 5¢ per additional plastic cover
Color Printing 25¢ single sided - 50¢ duplex
Construction paper 5¢ per sheet
Ellison Die Cuts- our paper
1¢ per cut = any of our paper
Ellison Die Cuts- own paper
Use own paper = free
Ellison Die Cuts - our poster board
$1 per board = use to cut
Laminating $1 per sheet, sheet laminator
Laminating $1 per foot, roll-top laminator
Poster & Tag board $1 per sheet
Sentence Strips 5¢ for two

We are unable to accept bills larger than $20 for payment of IRC services.



IRC Button Makers

The IRC has three button sizes to use creating pin buttons 1 ⅝ inch , 2 ⅓ inch in diameter, and 3 ⅛ inch in diameter. Our button makers are Mr. Button bench press machines (manual); each button size has a corresponding assembly die and circle cutter for creating inserts.

About the Button Makers

  • The price for each button includes the button shell, button pin (back), and plastic disc cover.
  • Users are responsible for providing their own paper inserts.
  • Additional plastic disc covers may be purchased as needed at a cost of  5¢ for two discs..


Button Maker Policy

  • IRC Button maker supplies MUST be used for all buttons.
  • IRC Button circle cutters MUST be used for all projects.
  • There is a charge for additional plastic disc covers (see above).
  • You may make up to ten (10) buttons per visit.
  • Users must furnish their own button paper inserts.
  • Only COPY PAPER inserts may be used to make buttons. Color copy paper is acceptable.
  • Paper inserts created using the IRC color printer incur color printing charges.
  • Users are responsible for creating their own buttons.
  • IRC staff is available to assist with directions as needed.


Button Maker Tips

  • Different directions are available for each size button. Be sure to use the correct button maker die and accompanying direction.
  • Directions are available with button makers in the IRC and online: 1 ⅝ inch and 3 ⅛ inch assembly, 2 ⅓ inch assembly, and circle cutter instructions.
  • There are MANY steps involved when making a button.  It is not difficult, but the process will take time.
  • Button size indicated is the VIEWABLE size of each button. When cutting paper insert to the proper size, the cirlce will be somewhat larger. Keep this in mind when designing your button insert.
  • Circle cutters are available for each button assembly die, be sure to cut the correct size.
  • Place paper insert carefully in the button maker assembly die. Image should always be face up in the die.
  • When placing the pin back in the button maker, be sure to do so according to the directions.  Pay particular attention to how the button pin will open.


Button Maker: Try Me

Not sure if the button maker is right for your project? Give it a try! For 25¢ you get materials for one small button - plus a second plastic disc if a second try with the machine is needed.


Ellison Machines & Die Cut Collection

The IRC has five Ellison Prestige Pro die cut machines available for use. We have an extensive Ellison Die collection including over 350+ general dies, 19 word dies, 18 border dies, 8 combo dies, and nineteen  (19) alphabet fonts in both upper and lower case.;

  • Patrons who bring their own paper may use die cut machines with their paper for free.
  • ANY use of our paper (even scrap box paper) is a penny per cut.
  • Use of our poster board or bulletin board paper requires purchase of board prior to cutting.
  • A variety of paper types may be used including construction paper, craft paper, newsprint, and wrapping paper.
  • Considering a different paper source? Be sure to ask in the IRC prior to using the machines.

Interested in specifics? Looking for a particular die or alphabet?

A complete listing of our Ellison Die collection is available on the IRC Pinterest page.


IRC Laminating

There are two types of laminators available for use in the Instructional Resource Center, roll and sheet. IRC staff is available to instruct users on laminating machine usage; drop off service for projects is not provided. The Instructional Resource Center staff is not responsible for items users choose to laminate, or the condition of items after lamination.


Roll Laminator

We recommend using the roll laminator for most laminating jobs. This machine is more cost effective ($1 per foot) and facilitates larger jobs quickly.

  • Users should be prepared for the initial 15-20 minute wait while the machine reaches the correct laminating temperature.
  • Roll laminating projects will not be started if there is not time to complete the project during regular operating hours.
  • It is possible to laminate items that are up to 24 inches in width.
  • It is possible to laminate items such as posters, poster board, file folders, and construction paper.
  • If you have questions regarding an item to be laminated, ask in the IRC for help.

If you are coming from another on-campus location, feel free to call ahead (x5406) or use Ask the IRC chat to request the laminator be turned on to pre-heat.


Sheet Laminator

Two sheet laminators are available in the IRC. These machines are ideal for smaller jobs, we have laminating film perfect for 8 1/2 x 11 paper.

  • Users should be prepared for a 3-5 minute wait while the machine reaches correct laminating temperature.
  • Users should be prepared to purchase and use IRC laminating supplies for the desk laminator.
  • It is possible to laminate copy paper, construction paper, and card stock.
  • Smaller items may be combined within the laminating pouch.

Items larger than the laminating pouch should be handled by the roll laminator.


Paying in the IRC

Payment for IRC supplies and services is required at time of purchase. The IRC accepts the follow three forms of payment for services and supplies.

  • Cash
  • Checks made out to Ashland University for exact purchase amount
  • Ashland University transfer of funds forms.

The IRC is unable to take your AU Eagle Card or credit / debit cards for payment.


Charging to a University Account?

We will complete a transfer of funds form for your qualified purchase; transfer forms are submitted to the business office at the end of each month.

  • Have your account name and number ready.
  • Be authorized to complete the transaction.
  • A signature is required for any account transfer purchase.
  • The IRC does not keep account numbers on file.


Paying by check or cash?

The IRC accepts cash and personal checks for payment.

  • We are unable to accept anything larger than a $20 bill.
  • Checks must be made out to the exact purchase amount and payable to "Ashland University."
  • We will be happy to write a receipt for your purchase, be sure to ask at point of sale.