Office of the Provost

We appreciate those of you who have chosen to partner with Ashland University to pursue your educational goals. Ashland University provides “a transformative learning experience, shaping graduates who work, serve and lead with integrity in their local, national, and global communities” as stated in the University mission. The university also holds “Excellence in Teaching” and “Accent on the Individual” as core values. The university has significantly impacted communities across America by providing skilled workforces in many different areas. Our community here at Ashland is marked by deep commitment and exceptional talent.

Ashland University offers more than 50 different programs not only at the Bachelor’s level but also at the Masters and Doctorate levels. Our academic programs are diverse and rich in opportunities for our students. The integration of the liberal arts and career development is a major strength of Ashland University. By a process which might be called a synthesis for learning, Ashland University meets the highest disciplinary standards for certifications and keeping majors up to date while simultaneously preserving the liberal arts and allowing students a measure of flexibility in their course selection. The dedicated faculty here at Ashland are experts in their respective fields, and they work to ensure that students are provided an enriching experience that prepares them well for future success. Most of the faculty possess terminal degrees in their disciplines and are active researchers in their field. They engage in scholarly activities such as presenting papers at national level conferences and producing publications in renowned journals.

The academic affairs area consists of the College of Arts and Sciences, College of Business and Economics, College of Education, College of Nursing and Health Sciences, Founders College, and College of Online and Adult Studies. Academic affairs also houses library services, global education, and academic support for undergraduate advising including tutoring services.

During the past several years, our University has been ranked as one of the top 200 Universities in the United States. The members of our campus community work diligently to improve the quality of education for our students. I am confident in saying that we possess a great administrative team which works in tandem with excellent faculty and dedicated staff who will do everything possible to assist each of our students. Ashland University strives to liberate the minds of students and to challenge each one to reach his or her full potential. Academic Affairs works to see that the teaching and academic core of the institution fosters and encourages learning.

Please visit our college and department websites for further details. Should you have any questions, please feel free to contact me or one of the college deans.