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An Added Value That Fits Your Mission

Ashland University’s Corporate Connections Program is composed of the following

Corporate Engagement and Relationship

  • Ashland University seeks mutually beneficial relationships based upon “mission fit” and shared values
  • Ashland University will engage with local, regional and national corporations to focus upon strengthening our economy
  • Ashland University will build relationships by
    • Identifying shared values
    • Discussing mutual strengths and needs
    • Recognizing collective opportunities and joint benefits
  • Ashland University will offer services such as, but not limited to
    • Six Sigma
    • Corporate training
    • Refresher courses and CEUs
    • Organizational diagnosis
    • Leadership / Professional Development
    • Faculty externships that meet specific corporate needs

Corporate Endorsement: AU asks those corporations with whom we establish relationships to:

  • Affirm that Ashland University delivers a quality education
  • Allow AU to display the endorsement and a brief description of the corporation on our  Corporate Wall of Fame
  • Be recognized for endorsing Ashland University on our website, in correspondence and publicity

Student Success: AU invites corporations to participate in the current and future success of our students to:

  • Ensure the quality of your talent pipeline
  • Provide internships that develop and enhance needed skills and abilities
  • Mentor students in their career related field
  • Participate on university advisory committees
  • Assist in curriculum design and development
  • Meet your future employees at Job Fairs and Career Days

Eagle Community Partners: As an HR benefit to corporate employees, Ashland University will:

  • Provide tuition scholarships for employees, their spouses, and their dependent family
  • Request each Corporate Partner sign a memo of understanding
  • Request employment verification each academic year
  • Track student enrollment and provide an annual report

Corporate Philanthropy: Only after AU has established a mutually beneficial working relationship will it invite its corporate friends to consider the following:

  • Financially invest in our mutually shared values
  • Provide scholarships and endowment to ensure the quality of your future talent pipeline
  • Invest in university programs, studies and research to fuel your current and future business success

Think you're ready to start a partnership? Want more information? Let's talk! Call or email us to let us know you're interested. We'll set up a time to call or video chat to answer any questions you may have, discuss next steps; we hope to hear from you soon.

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