Rich History, Bold Future - Ashland 2025 Strategic Plan

Friends and Colleagues,

WELCOME to the 2020- 2025 strategic plan development site for Ashland University. This site will chronicle the strategic planning process and provide updates for the ongoing development of our next strategic plan. At this time, we have identified three strategic themes to rally around.

  • Transformational Experiences
  • Strategic Growth
  • Empowered Community

Our strategic plan represents the hearts, values, and traditions that form the foundation of our University. Developed through a comprehensive, collaborative process, This strategic plan's title, "Rich History / Bold Future," builds on the collective excellence of our campus community.

Ashland must soar above the day-to-day challenges that face higher education to become the nationally recognized University that focuses on students as the heart of all we do. As the University known for "accent on the individual," our plan will meet the educational and personal goals of each student.

This plan is our roadmap. This document will guide, serving as a living document, a framework that will be revised as we build a great place to learn, work, and grow. Ashland University will be a place where all students and personnel are valued and empowered to be transformed and transform their communities and the world.

We want to thank each of you, students, faculty, staff, alums, and Board members who have labored to make this strategic planning process and the resulting strategic plan, a truly one developed by the Ashland Univerity family. We hope you are as excited about the plan, and the future it envisions, as we are. This plan articulates grand expectations – expectations we can not only meet but exceed.

Thank you for taking the time to read this plan and become a part of Ashland - Rich History / Bold Future.

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