Transfer FAQ

What should I do if I am serious about transferring?

Visit campus if possible. Call 419.289.5052 or email to receive additional information and/or to schedule an appointment to visit campus. One of the most important things a student can do is plan carefully and well in advance when transferring from one school to another. It is never too early to meet with an Ashland University representative to plan your future.

What are the admission requirements?

Transfer students are required to have at least a 2.25 cumulative grade point average in all their previous college work. In addition, they must be in good standing socially and academically; i.e., cannot have been dismissed from their last school for academic and/or social reasons.

What steps should I follow to transfer?

You should schedule an appointment to visit campus. During a campus visit you will learn more about our programs, tour the campus and meet with a faculty member. If you bring a copy of your transcript(s), you can obtain an unofficial credit evaluation.

To apply, go to To complete your application materials, you must contact the registrar at each college you have attempted coursework and request an official transcript be sent to Ashland University. If you have less than 30 credit hours of college credit, we will also need your high school transcript. If you are currently enrolled elsewhere, please request a transcript now so that your admission can be considered for your desired term. When you finish your current/final term, you will need to have another official transcript sent.

Where do I send my transcripts?

Request official transcripts to be sent directly to the Office of Admissions, Ashland University, 401 College Avenue, Ashland, Ohio 44805. If you earned less than 30 semester hours, contact your high school guidance office to have an official high school transcript sent as well. AU also accepts electronic transcripts from SCRIP-SAFE® and Docufide® by Parchment.

What majors are available?

Ashland University offers nearly 70 undergraduate majors. For a listing of the Colleges and their academic department's programs information, click here.

What requirements are necessary to complete a major?

Review the catalog and curriculum guides.

Can I get my transcripts evaluated?

Yes. Please apply first by going to To receive an unofficial evaluation, you need to provide a copy of all classes you have taken or are taking (an official transcript is not necessary; information from the web is acceptable). If you are unable to visit, please email: or fax: 419.289.5999, to request an evaluation. Included in the written request, please list your name, address, phone number, email address, major and minor, if known, along with copies of transcripts from all schools you have attended or are attending and, if you are currently in school, your current schedule.

How many credits can be transferred?

All college-level credit for which a "C-" grade or better has been earned at a regional accredited institution, such as North Central Association of Colleges and Schools, will transfer. Regardless of the number of credits transferring to Ashland University, Ashland University still requires you to complete all degree requirements of your chosen field of study (See Residence Requirements). Most associate degree requirements transfer to Ashland University as the equivalent of 64 semester hours and will be granted junior status.

Students interested in transferring to Ashland University from institutions of higher learning that do not hold regional accreditation may be considered for admission as transfer students. These students must meet the same admission requirements as those students transferring from regionally accredited institutions; however, Ashland University will accept transfer credit on a course-by-course and provisional basis. To be granted transfer credit, students must pass 15 semester hours of credit at Ashland University with "C" grades or better. Ashland University may then accept up to 64 semester hours of credit.

What are Ashland’s academic Residence Requirements?

Colleges have academic residence requirements to ensure that a significant portion of a student's college work is completed at the college from which they receive the degree. Ashland University's residence requirements are as follows:

A minimum of 50 semester credits must be earned at a four-year, accredited, degree granting college or university. A minimum of 30 semester credits, and the last 12 semester credits, must be completed at Ashland University. At least one half of the student's major requirements must be completed at Ashland University. A minimum of 120 semester hours and all degree requirements must be met.

Will I lose credits if I transfer from a school that is on the quarter system?

No penalty is incurred. If you have college credit using a quarter academic calendar, or any other, your credits will be adjusted based on a semester calendar.

How many hours are required for class standing?

Semester hours for class standing are: 0-29 freshmen, 30-59 for sophomore, 60-89 for junior and 90 for senior.

Will my GPA start over?

Yes, the GPA on your Ashland transcript will only reflect grades for courses taken at Ashland University. All transfer credit is posted on Ashland’s transcripts without grades. 

Should I see a representative before I apply?

Most students benefit from an on campus appointment. While on campus, you have the opportunity to gain a more comprehensive picture of the University and the transfer requirements. You can obtain an unofficial evaluation of credits by bringing a copy of your transcript(s) and/or grade cards.

If you plan to coordinate your course work at another school with an Ashland University degree program, you should maintain constant contact with the Office of Admissions to ensure the proper application of credits.

Do I need to complete an associate degree first?

No. Credits earned without an associate's degree will be evaluated on a course-by-course basis. Course work transferred to Ashland University may be credited in the following ways:

  • A college-level course equivalent in content to any course offered at Ashland University and completed with a "C-" grade or better will be given course-specific credit.
  • A college-level course not equivalent in content to an Ashland University course and completed with a "C-" grade or better will be granted general elective credit.

When should I apply?

The sooner the better! Applying early may help with the evaluation of credit, financial aid and the scheduling of classes. Apply here!

Who decides what credits transfer?

Your official program evaluation is done by the Office of Records & Registration after the beginning of your first semester at Ashland and will be sent to you and available online. Unofficial evaluations are done prior to your official enrollment.

How do I schedule for class?

Deposited students will receive a course schedule created by your Academic Advisor in the Center for Academic Support.

I'm an athlete, what requirements and how many credit hours do I need to transfer and be eligible to participate in my sport?

Student-athletes need to be in contact with the Athletic Department or the coach of their specific sport(s).

Are there scholarships for transfers?

Yes! Ashland University offers awards to full-time transfer students with a minimum of 12 semester/19 quarter hours of earned college credit (not post-secondary or developmental course work) ranging from $2000-$8000. Additional scholarships and financial aid are also available for eligible students.

Does Ashland accept Ohio’s State School required Transfer Module?

While Ashland University does not formally participate in Ohio's "Statewide Articulation and Transfer Policy," the Transfer Module is one basis for evaluating course equivalencies when transferring general education courses to meet Ashland’s Institutional Baccalaureate Requirements.

What if the only college credit I have earned was taken while still in high school prior to high school graduation?

You will be considered a freshman when you begin your work at Ashland University. Once you are on campus, you will be given the appropriate credit and class status earned. You must contact the registrar at the college(s) you have attempted coursework and request an official transcript be sent to the Ashland University Office of Admissions 401 College Ave., Ashland, OH 44805, in order to have earned college credit posted to your account.

Transfer Representatives

Sue Homan

Associate Director of Admissions - Transfer

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Kody Auck

Transfer Admissions Representative

(419) 289-5063

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