Veteran Students

After acceptance, Veterans are granted eight semester hours of college credit if honorably discharged.

Undergraduate (Non-traditional)
Veterans apply as undergraduates if they have not attended another establishment of higher education
Minimum standard of a cumulative 2.5 GPA on official high school transcript
ACT not required if three years removed from high school (If veteran's ACT is available and above an 18, veteran may be eligible for merit-based scholarship)

Steps to Enrollment:

Apply to Ashland University

Apply for benefits online with the VA

Submit a copy of your Letter of Eligibility and DD 214 (prior service only)

Veterans apply as transfer students if they have attempted college coursework after high school graduation
Minimum standard of a collegiate cumulative 2.25 GPA
Can receive transfer merit-based scholarships if veteran qualifies

Steps to Enrollment:

Apply to Ashland University

Submit a copy of VA Form 22-1995 Request for Change of Program or Place of Training, Letter of Eligibility, and DD 214 (prior service only)

Yellow Ribbon Program:

Ashland University is a Yellow Ribbon university! Learn more about eligibility criteria here.

Transfer of Entitlement:

Contact us to learn more about transferring your entitlement.


*All students eligible for VA benefits must inform the Financial Aid Office at the time of applying for aid. The VA benefits are considered when preparing the financial aid package. All questions concerning financial aid should be addressed to the Financial Aid Office.


Contact Us

Randy Spade
Veteran Affairs Coordinator
Office of Records & Registration | 206F Founders Hall
(w) 419.207.6478