Symposium Against Indifference

Today’s ever-evolving world calls for open dialogues to facilitate conversation and promote change.

The College of Arts & Sciences at Ashland University inaugurated the Symposium Against Indifference in 2001 as a biennial series of events and lectures dedicated to overcoming apathy in the face of human concerns by raising awareness and promoting compassionate engagement.

The Symposium Against Indifference seeks to challenge the Ashland University community and the wider Ashland community toward a deeper understanding of difficult affairs in order to encourage creative personal and corporate responses.

2021-2022 Symposium: Truth in the Age of Disinformation

The 2021-2022 Symposium Against Indifference theme seeks to understand the nature of truth during a time in our history when disinformation, in its various forms, appears more prevalent. We want to encourage conversation and discussion to find productive responses to overcoming obstacles in the search for truth in the midst of confusion and uncertainty.

Index of Events

Previous Symposium Themes

  • Holocaust - 2001

  • Human Nature - 2003

  • Terrorism - 2005

  • The Promises and Perils of Technology - 2007

  • Inquiry Into What Makes a Hero - 2009

  • Against Global Indifference - 2011

  • Engaging Latin America and the Caribbean - 2013

  • Environmental Sustainability - 2015

  • Building Bridges Through Dialogue - 2017

  • Liberty & Responsibility - 2019

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