Ashland University Choirs

Ashland University Choir

The Ashland Area Chorus is a mixed choir open to anyone in the Ashland community. Students can take it for credit, but staff and community folks may simply participate. While previous experience choral singing will be helpful, it is not required or expected. This group has sung in regular Ashland University choral concerts and with the Ashland Symphony Orchestra. No audition required, moderate time commitment.

The Women’s Chorus unites women from all over campus for the purpose of excellence in choral singing.  Repertoire is diverse, including art music from the Renaissance to the present day, folk arrangements and lighter fare. This group rehearses each Tuesday and Thursday from 4:30-5:30 p.m. during the academic year and performs as part of the annual Festival of Lights, the Fall and Spring Choral Concerts and several other additional programs as arranged. An audition is required.

The Ashland University Choir is composed of singers representing numerous academic majors across campus. Members are selected by private audition and rehearse three days a week. The ensemble regularly performs programs of unaccompanied literature of all eras as well as major works with the orchestra. The Ashland University Choir has made numerous successful tours of the United States, Canada and Europe. This is the principal choral ensemble on campus. Recent repertoire has included extended works by Britten, Pachelbel, Haydn, Bach, Mozart, Handel, Bernstein, Beethoven and Mahler. In addition, the Ashland University Choir performs regularly with Maestro Arie Lipsky and the Ashland Symphony Orchestra. Audition required, significant time commitment.

The Chamber Singers, a select choir of 16, has performed a traditional Madrigal Feaste to capacity audiences for over twenty-five years. This group performs many styles of music suitable for smaller ensembles. Special audition required, significant time commitment.

The Opera Workshop meets each spring semester to introduce students to various kinds of music found in opera and operetta, including Gilbert and Sullivan. Depending upon the interest and personnel, the group will prepare scenes or an entire production, generally in alternating seasons. Audition required, significant time commitment (depending on your role(s)).

ALL of our ensembles include both music majors and non-music majors. The courses also meet Tier II Aesthetic core requirements.

Do you enjoy choral singing but don't have a lot of time? Try the Ashland Area Chorus or the Womens Chorus.

Do you have a bit more time, a history of good choral singing, and the desire to continue singing in a select group? Audition for the University Choir. You must audition in order to be in the University Choir, there are no exceptions. However, the audition is a simple one, and most (though not all) who attempt it are successful.

This is the typical University Choir audition sequence of events:

  1. I will lead you through simple warm up-style vocalizations to determine the range and beauty of your voice and your ability to sing in tune.
  2. I will clap rhythms and ask you echo them.
  3. I will play short melodies and ask you to echo them on a neutral syllable.
  4. I will ask you to sight-sing some one-line melodies you haven't seen before. I will give you the first note, you provide the rest. You may use solfege, numbers or no system at all.
  5. I will listen to a prepared song you might wish to sing. This item is not required, but I encourage it so that you can show me your best efforts. Also, you basically control this part of the audition. I will play the piano accompaniment, if you wish.
  6. We will discuss the choral program here at Ashland University and answer each other's questions as needed.

Are you REALLY GOOD and have the interest and time to perform with the best? Audition for Chamber Singers.

Always wanted to try your hand at a solo or ensemble part on stage? Look into the Opera Workshop.

For further information, please contact:

Dr. Rowland Blackley, Director of Choral Activities 419.289.5114