Student Recital Guidelines

Effective Fall 2017
Note: These guidelines apply to all student recitals: Senior, Junior, joint and non-Degree


All recitals must be scheduled with the Department of Music ( The student must submit the Recital Application with the signature of the applied instructor.

No student recital may be scheduled during the two weeks prior to exams, during exam week or on the same day as any A.U. Band, Choir or Jazz Ensemble Concert. Music Ed. Majors should not schedule the recital during their student internship.

Junior Recitals:

  • Should be scheduled on Thursdays at 7:30 p.m. or on Sundays.
  • Music Education Junior Recitals should be shared recitals of 2-3 students (ca. 20 min. of music each student).
  • BA Applied Junior Recitals should be shared recitals of 2 students where possible (30 min. of music each student minimum).

Senior Recitals:

  • Should be scheduled on Sundays if possible
  • Sunday Recitals should be scheduled at 1:00, 3:00, 5:00 or 7:30 p.m.

Program Notes and Translations

Program notes are required for all Senior Recitals and are not included for junior recitals. Translations are required for all voice recitals. A draft of program notes must be submitted 2 weeks before the recital hearing to a full-time faculty members, who will proof the notes. A revised version must be submitted at the recital hearing. Program notes should be primarily in the student's own words with any direct quotations placed in quotation marks. Casual references to authors or sources the student consulted can be used, but footnotes and a bibliography are not required. For example, a student could say 'According to a noted Mozart scholar, this is Mozart's best concerto,' but would not need to include a footnote or bibliographic reference.

The Recital Hearing

No later than two weeks prior to the recital, the student(s) must successfully complete the Recital Hearing. The Recital Hearing must be attended by at least two faculty members, including the applied instructor. The applied instructor shall coordinate the scheduling of the faculty in attendance. Typed copies of the tentative program and the revised copy of program notes must be presented at the hearing, and program information must be submitted to the department electronically before the hearing.

In the Recital Hearing, the student will be asked to perform excerpts from any work on the recital program, including ensembles, to determine if the program is sufficiently prepared to allow the program to be performed as scheduled. The Hearing Committee may choose to allow, postpone or cancel the recital.

The Program

No later than the day of the recital hearing, the student must electronically submit the program, as approved by the applied instructor, to the Music Office ( for editing and copying. The Department will print standard programs and program notes. Recital posters/invitations are the responsibility of the student.


Senior Recitals in the B.A. Applied major and the B.M. in Performance should contain at least 45 minutes of music. Senior Music Education and Junior B.A. Applied recitals should contain at least 30 minutes of music. Junior Music Education Recitals should be limited to approximately 20 minutes of music per student.

Stage Crew and Tape Recording

The Coordinator of Performing Arts Events will, with the Chair, see that student employees are scheduled to staff each recital. The Department will record each recital and provide one CD recording for the performer. The Department will also keep an archived copy of each recital. Video recording is the sole responsibility of the student. Family members may record student recitals with the performer’s permission.

Evaluation of Degree Recitals

Following the recital, the faculty in attendance shall confer with the applied instructor to determine whether the recital meets minimum requirements for the degree sought. This decision shall be reported to the Chair using a Recital Evaluation form. The Chair shall report in writing to the Registrar which students have and have not completed the appropriate degree recitals.

Revised 8/17 TR