Vision/Mission/Core Values

The Dauch College of Business and Economics educates students in a comprehensive, innovative, and engaging learning environment, through a competency-based curriculum led by teacher-scholars.

We achieve our mission by:

  • Providing an innovative, engaging and transformational learning experience through a competency- based curriculum diverse in experiential and applied learning experiences.
  • Engaging current and potential employers and other key stakeholders to enable our students to discover and apply real world industry standards, gain practical experience, and learn skills necessary to succeed in the global business community.
  • Monitoring and assessing student learning to ensure that our students develop competence in communication, problem-solving, decision-making, leadership, and other key skill areas.
  • Promoting character development, moral integrity, self-discipline, social responsibility, and respect for the diversity of values and faith found in the global business community.
  • Recruiting and retaining faculty who are engaged teacher-scholars, proficient in pedagogy, informed through industry engagement, and actively engaged in impactful applied, teaching and learning, and discipline-based scholarship.
  • Embracing an innovative culture to enable continuous improvement in key performance areas and ensure that our students and faculty have a positive impact on the stakeholders we serve.