Burton D. Morgan Center for Entrepreneurial Studies

Enriching Tomorrow’s Entrepreneurs

Are you an aspiring entrepreneur?

Ashland University's Burton D. Morgan Center for Entrepreneurship is a University-wide center to fuel entrepreneurship and is hosted in the Dauch College of Business and Economics. The center effectively engages students by providing you with the expertise, support, education, and connections you need to become an effective entrepreneur.

The Morgan Center engages all students across the University and disciplines to:

  • Integrate the concepts of entrepreneurship into all academic disciplines

  • Discover your passion and develop the mindset, skills, and knowledge to achieve your goals

  • Develop your leadership skills through a variety of on- and off-campus activities

  • Feel empowered to see yourself as an entrepreneur who can add value to your community and profit from your passions

The Morgan Center also engages faculty and alumni with the opportunity to engage in entrepreneurial activities and mentor students.

Affiliated Centers and Programs

Small Business Development Center

The Morgan Center is home to the Small Development Business Center (SBDC), the premier technical assistance program for Ohio’s small businesses. The network is provided through a partnership with the Ohio Development Services Agency, the U.S Small Business Administration, and selected Ohio chambers of commerce, colleges and universities, and economic development agencies.

Housing the SBDC at Ashland University has many benefits, including providing students with connections and experience assisting small businesses, linking the surrounding business community closer to AU, and having the regional businesses view AU as resources.

Braintree Business Development Center

The Braintree Business Development Center is a non-profit regional entrepreneurial center assistance organization supporting small businesses in Northeast Ohio. The Braintree Center is home to all student businesses launched by Ashland students, and Ashland students interact with Braintree clients to gain experience and provide support.


Eagle Talks is an organization run by students and faculty at Ashland University's Dauch College of Business and Economics. Our mission is to address relevant problems in the business world today, and offer solutions from highly qualified individuals in the form of powerful and insightful short speeches. Please visit the link below to the Eagle Talks website to see more about the talks.


 The Burton D. Morgan Lecture

The Burton D. Morgan Lecture brings internationally known entrepreneurs to Ashland University to lecture and meets with students. This annual event attracts business leaders from all around Ohio who attend the event alongside students and faculty.

 Eagle VC

The Eagle VC fund is a critical Morgan Center program that provides a source of cash to accepted students/alumni business ventures. This fund will provide AU business teams the opportunity to apply for modest, early-stage seed funding and supports critical activities for building a business model.

Eagle Consulting

The Morgan Center also provides access to Eagle Consulting, a consulting practice that fosters experiential learning for students and faculty expertise to provide solutions for clients. Services include:

  • Marketing analysis & marketing strategy

  • Operations, logistics & supply chain

  • Customer development, satisfaction, retention

  • Human capital

  • Financial analysis and planning

  • Marketing and branding

  • Data analytics

  • Strategic business planning

  • Business plan writing

  • Information Technology

Our Mission

To ignite the entrepreneurial spirit of the students, faculty, university, alumni, and greater Ashland community.