Bachelor's Plus FAQs

At what Ashland University Centers is the program offered?

The program is offered at the Ashland, Columbus and Elyria Centers.

When can I be admitted to the program?

You can be admitted prior to the fall, spring and summer terms. This process needs to be completed three to four weeks prior to the first day of the semester.

What is the minimum GPA requirement for admittance into the program?

You need to have a cumulative GPA of 2.75 or higher to be admitted into the program without conditions. Students with a GPA below 2.75 may be admitted under a conditional admittance status.

How much is tuition at Ashland University?

See the Graduate Tuition and Fees website. Bachelor's Plus students pay the same semester hour tuition rate for undergraduate and graduate courses.

Are Financial Aid/Student Loans available?

Financial aid and student loans are available but you must be accepted into the program and take at least six semester hours of coursework per semester in order to qualify. You will need to work directly with the Financial Aid Office at Ashland University Main Campus. They can be reached at 1.800.882.1548 ext. 5002 or you can apply for Financial Aid online by clicking here. You can also refer to our Bachelor's Plus Financial Aid Fast Facts Sheets.

Can the entire program be completed through online courses?

No. However, depending on which licensure area you choose to pursue, there may be several courses offered as strictly online courses. Typically, more of the classes are provided in a hybrid (combined online and face-to-face courses) format.

When are classes held?

During the school year (fall and spring semesters) most classes are held in the evening starting at 5 or 6 p.m. There are also some Saturday morning classes. Classes will meet once a week during the fall & spring semesters. During the summer, courses are offered at a variety of morning, afternoon, evening and weekend times. Please note: You will be required to complete field experiences and an internship (student teaching) that are held during typical school hours.

Where can I find a course schedule?

Education course schedules.

Will I have to do a Criminal Background Check?

Yes, prior to doing a field experience placement, the student will have to complete a Criminal Background Check processed by the Bureau of Criminal Identification and Investigation (BCI) and the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI). You will pay a small fee for the BCI & FBI Computerized/Electronic "Webcheck." If you receive a report indicating that there is a problem with the check, you should talk with your advisor.