Reflecting the Reality of Healthcare

Do you want to experience the life of a current working nurse firsthand? Look no further than Ashland University’s award-winning, state-of-the-art Simulation Center.

At Ashland University’s College of Nursing and Health Sciences, we believe that experiential learning shapes the minds and future success of our students. That’s why we use simulation to expand the knowledge and skills of Ashland University nursing students.

What is the Simulation Center?

The Simulation Center is an innovative instructional program and learning center that provides challenging and immersive simulation training for nursing students at Ashland University. It was awarded an AV Technology End-User Award and an InfoComm People’s Choice Award in 2013.

Simulation Center Features

At the Simulation Center, simulation is used to teach the basics of nursing care nursing skills, delegation of patient care to appropriate care providers, and prioritization of patient care. It uses realistic clinical settings with simulators that interact with students to complement clinical practice.

The multidisciplinary sim lab features:

  • 32 Hill-Rom beds and head-wall units that give the appearance of a fully functional hospital wing
  • Simulators programmed to give realistic patient responses and outcomes
  • Exam and treatment rooms using the same equipment found in medical practice

Simulation Center Labs

The Simulation Center is comprised of a variety labs to expand the experience of each student no matter their intended speciality, including:

Adult Health Lab

Your journey will advance to taking a more active role within the simulation environment.

Complex Health Lab

Throughout your time at AU College of Nursing and Health Sciences you will continue to fine tune your skills and abilities. Our caring faculty will provide you with the proper training to professionally and confidently handle a multitude of tasks.

Family Health Lab

Our Family Health Lab will continue your simulation experience into the Pediatric and OB Lab environment.

Health Foundations Lab

We have up to 8 beds that may be occupied with patients (manikins) for you to begin learning how to properly care for a patient. Here you will be introduced to some of our Low-fidelity Manikins. These manikins will allow you to hear basic sounds from the heart, lungs and bowel. You will begin your basic simulation experience here and will continue throughout your time with us.

Community Health Lab

A simulated home environment allows nursing students to practice their community health skills in a life-like scenario.

Intensive Care/Advanced Care Lab

Your training will take you to the ICU and ACL Rooms.

As is true in all of the labs, you will now have hands-on experience in caring for patients with more specialized needs. You and your peers will now enter the labs alone without the Instructors/Professors. 

 ** May encounter patients with a variety of concerns. **

Examination Rooms

Nursing students use exam and treatment rooms similar to those found in doctors' offices to simulate treatment of patients using the same equipment found in actual medical practice.