Coronavirus response 2022

Fall 2022 COVID-19 Update | Student Health Center 419-289-5200

This represents a general summary of Student Health Center protocols for the mitigation and treatment of COVID-19*. At this time, there are no university-wide COVID-19 mandates. Program-specific requirements may still be in effect, such as for Study Abroad, nursing and clinical environments or where required by external governing AU partners. The university's approach to COVID-19 continues to evolve in accordance with updated public health guidance and the widespread availability of vaccines, face coverings, tests and treatments to prevent and mitigate the spread of this disease.

Vaccines: All members of the campus community and those who visit our beautiful campus are strongly encouraged to be fully vaccinated and up-to-date with all available boosters. The Ashland County Health Department offers free vaccines and boosters Monday, Wednesday and Thursday from 8:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. at 1763 State Route 60.

Monitor symptoms: Monitor yourself for symptoms of COVID-19 or any illness daily. If you are ill, self-isolate. Students should contact the Student Health Center via phone 419-289-5200 or email at Employees are encouraged to contact their healthcare provider.

Testing: Free COVID-19 home tests are available to pick up at the Student Health Center on the first floor of the Student Center for non-symptomatic students only. If you are symptomatic, call 419-289-5200 to get scheduled for a PCR test. Others home tests may be purchased at local pharmacies and healthcare providers. Any student who tests positive for COVID-19 should notify the Student Health Center immediately. A negative rapid home test (or antigen test) will need to be confirmed with a PCR test if you have symptoms.

Isolation: As recommended by the CDC and local health officials, all positive cases should fully isolate for a minimum of five days after the date of symptom onset (or date of a positive test if asymptomatic) and up to 10 days if symptoms persist. Wear a well-fitting surgical or N95-type mask for a full ten days after the date of illness onset. Students will be encouraged to return home to isolate themselves, but campus accommodations, as available, will be made for those who cannot return home.

COVID Exposure: Students who have been exposed to COVID-19 and do not have symptoms will be instructed to wear a well-fitting surgical or N95-type mask for ten days after the date of exposure and to test after five full days have passed. If symptoms develop during the 10-day post-exposure period or you test positive, please self-isolate and contact the Student Health Center. Only close contacts will be notified of possible exposure. Quarantine is no longer required for non-symptomatic close contacts.

Face coverings: All campus community members are welcome to wear a face covering at any time. High-quality masks are available in the Student Health Center. Masks are required when visiting the Health Center. 

Universal Infection Control Measures: Handwashing, good ventilation, use of outdoor spaces, frequent surface disinfection and the use of face coverings are important measures to reduce the spread of infectious diseases.

Know Your Risk: If you are at a higher risk for severe complications from COVID-19, please take additional precautions to reduce your likelihood of infection, such as regular use of face coverings and avoiding large gatherings when the community rate of transmission is elevated.

Academic Accommodations: If academic accommodations resulting from COVID-19 are necessary, students will receive an accommodations letter from the Director of Accessibility Services, Silvia Henriss, as appropriate for each student’s needs. The student is required to communicate with their faculty any reasonable accommodations necessary to continue their course participation through isolation periods as instructed by health professionals.

*This information is subject to change based on changing conditions and guidance from health authorities. Updates will be regularly posted to the Student Health Center website and communicated campuswide as appropriate. (effective 8/26/22)