Topic: Leadership and School Improvement
Instructor: Chanelle Walker
Method: Online (OWRK)
Sponsor: AU Elyria Center
Center Offered: APD

Course Description:

This course was developed to teach educators how to use mindfulness to help reduce stress and to prevent burnout. Being a teacher can be very challenging and overwhelming. Educators have the demands of students, parents, administrators and the community, along with their personal responsibilities. Decades of research suggest that mindfulness is an effective strategy to use to improve mental, emotional, and physical health. The strategies you will learn in this course will help you to reduce stress and improve your overall well being. Mindfulness is an easy, quick, and simple way to help you to boost your morale and be a happier healthier teacher and you. In addition, being a mindfulness teacher will improve your ability to connect with students, which will improve engagement and instruction. (Center for Education Policy Research, 2019)

Cost: $470
Timespan of Course:
June 6, 2022 to September 16, 2022
Contact E-mail: professionalinspiration@yahoo.com

Meeting Times

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Course Number: EDU*6180*C1
Academic Term: 23/GW
Academic Level: GW
Semester Hours: 2.00
Subject: EDU