Topic: Curriculum and Instruction
Instructor: Stephanie Meeks
Method: Online (OWRK)
Sponsor: AU Main Campus
Center Offered: OLPD

Course Description:


5G TRAINING: Ashland University in partnership with Wireless Infrastructure Association created content

Each completed credential will lead to a certificate issued from WIA. Courses should be taken sequentially, with the exception of Credentials 3 & 4 which can be taken out of sequence. When all four credentials are earned, the participant will earn a Certification in 5G from WIA.

All courses and instructor-led sessions (note dates) will be held virtually and completed online. Participants will be expected to have the online modules completed by the week listed in order to be prepared for the live instructor-led virtual session, as noted. Students will be provided links for the content for all online learning, and the zoom link for the virtual sessions. All coursework must be completed by the end date of the course to receive the Certificate for that module. 

Any questions should be directed to 5g@ashland.edu

 Credential 3:

In-building Wireless Solutions

Four Modules

  • DAS and Small Cell Basics
  • Wi-Fi Integration
  • In-Building Wireless Ecosystem
  • In-Building RF DAS Components and Subsystem
Cost: $1 799
Timespan of Course:
Contact E-mail: 5g@ashland.edu

Meeting Times

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Course Number: WFD*100*G1
Academic Term: 23/GW
Academic Level: CE
Semester Hours: 0.00
Subject: WFD