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Is Pursuing A Doctorate in Education Worth the Time and Cost?

You are a leader. You value education and believe it will make a difference in the world. You long to find purpose in your work. You have come to a point in your life where you are looking to make a move. Advancement in your academic career is the obvious choice, but maybe you are unsure if the time and expense will be worth it. Let us assure you it is! Your decision to pursue a doctorate in education can help you make an impact, and, at the same time, open up many doors of opportunity for you. Most doctorate in education programs offer class flexibility so you can maintain your commitments while increasing your potential earnings.

Doctorate in Education

Make a Difference with Education

A doctorate in education program is designed to enhance your leadership skills in areas that include school administration, organizational structure and curriculum and instruction. By enrolling in a Doctorate of Education (Ed.D) degree program, you can propel your career forward and have a sense of accomplishment.[1] Are you ready to see the possibilities that await you with a doctoral degree? If your answer is “YES,” then get ready to explore the diverse benefits of having a doctorate in education!

Keep Your Day Job As a Student in an Ed.D Program

Are you looking for flexibility within your schedule? One of the many benefits of pursuing a doctorate in education is the freedom to continue your full-time job. Online Ed.D. programs provide class times that will allow you to maintain your busy schedule. You don’t have to worry about lowering your current income while trying to advance your career. Online doctorate in educational programs are offered year round (with part-time options as well) where you could learn in the comfort of your own home.

If you decide on the traditional Ed.D. route, you will have the opportunity to meet residency requirements during the summer and throughout the year. You’ll be able to interact with your instructors face-to-face and be a part of a cohort. This means you can network with other students pursuing similar goals that come from various backgrounds and lifestyles. Cohorts are desirable since class sizes are small with only 15-20 other students. Whether you go with an online doctoral program in education or a traditional doctoral program in education route, you will still receive personalized attention!

Tuition Reimbursement

Maybe you want to advance your career but are currently wondering if you can afford it. A perk of working in academics is that many employers offer tuition reimbursement to their employees. Many companies and educational facilities are willing to pay a generous portion or part of your tuition if it pertains to your current role.[2] With a doctorate in education, you’ll become more qualified for your job and have an increased skill set. You will be a greater asset to your employers and can help improve their business. Not all employers are the same, so make sure you do your research into their policies on tuition reimbursement.[3] You do not have to break the bank in order to get your doctorate in education.

Professional Development

Getting a doctorate in education is a substantial part of strengthening your career as an educator or leader. Why? Employers know that if you have an Ed.D., you have been properly trained to solve issues in your field. Graduates of Ed.D. degree programs are given the skills needed to work in educational leadership positions, government and even in private organizations.[4] You will learn how to view things from different perspectives and understand how to use research and data for problem solving.[5] You’ll have the opportunity to establish reform and create change.[6] Many graduates become:

  • School Superintendents
  • Curriculum Directors
  • Educational Policy Makers [7]
  • Non-profit Directors
  • School Principals
  • State Department of Education Officials [8]
  • Professors at college and universities

If you aspire to be a powerful and effective leader in your field, a doctorate in education is the path for you!

Higher Earning Potentials

A doctorate in education will not only take you places professionally, but you can potentially make a higher income! As a professional looking to hold a higher education degree, you can look forward to a generous salary that will provide financial stability in your life!

Here are some salary insights you could look forward to with a doctorate in education, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics:

  • Academic Deans or Provosts - annual salary income is $92,360 a year. [9]
  • Elementary, middle, and high school principals - average $94,390 a year. [10]
  • School superintendents - make an average of $116,755 annually. [11]
  • Higher education professor - can average earnings from $76,000 - $170,000 a year. [12]

A Sense of Accomplishment

After obtaining your doctorate in education, you will be part of the two percent of Americans that hold this prestigious degree.[13] Your pursuit of a doctorate in education will pay off when you add “Ed.D.” to your resume. It will further strengthen your credentials and increase potential job opportunities. It will cause you to stand out more to employers and earn greater respect amongst your colleagues. Having an educational doctorate shows that you are capable, hardworking and knowledgeable in your field.

Take the Next Step

Are you ready to boost your career, your income, your self-confidence and change the face of education? If so, then start your journey today at Ashland University!

Ashland University has two programs to choose from as you decide which doctorate in education is best for you:

Doctorate of Education in Leadership Studies (Ed.D.) - Traditional Format (click here for more info)

  • Classes held year around - (online and face to face).
  • With core classes held Wednesdays 5-8 p.m., you can still work full time.
  • Residency requirements can be met in the summer to not to interfere with your other responsibilities. (both programs).
  • You can complete core classes within 28 months.

Executive Doctorate in Leadership Studies (Ed.D.) - Online Format (click here for more info)

  • With a full time schedule you can take two years to complete your doctorate.
  • Build lifelong relationships as you learn through our cohort model.
  • Choose a specialization that interests you and become an expert in your field.
  • Receive hands on experience as you work with a doctoral faculty mentor.

These are just a few of the amazing perks of our Ed.D. degree programs.   Let us find the program that best fits your life goals. Request Information Today!

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