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Embrace the Versatility of Business Degree Classes


Are you looking to expand your skills and career options, but are unsure how to take the next step? Enrolling in business degree classes online could give you the ability to explore a variety of career paths. There is a wide range of opportunities nestled within business degree classes, as it is a very versatile degree, in which you could apply to a variety of jobs within the business field. Knowing that you are not strapped to one career path in your future may be very freeing for certain individuals. By taking business classes, you may become closer to earning a business degree and starting your career!

With the flexibility of a higher education degree in business, you could begin to think about what most interests you. Different career options and a broad range of entry-level positions make taking business degree classes increasingly more popular. Your degree could be the first step towards becoming an established professional in the business field. Read on to learn more about how business degree classes could benefit you and your lifestyle!


Learn more about how earning a business degree could elevate your future!


You Could Cover a Broad Range of Subjects in Your Business Degree Classes

Studying business could give you the opportunity to expand your knowledge and obtain a multitude of information in the field. Maybe you’re still wondering, “Is a Bachelor’s degree in business worth it?” Well, with all of the knowledge you obtain, it could be used and applied to your everyday life and future career which may benefit you in the long run! Learning about the industry’s best-practices specific to your intended career path could help strengthen your marketability when looking for a job. 

Since there are so many different directions a business degree could take, you are likely to find which specific area in the field most interests you while taking business degree classes. By embracing this versatility, you could cover an extensive range of subjects such as finance, accounting, microeconomics, human resources, and much more! What’s better than earning your degree in a field that could take you down many different paths?

Earning a Business Degree Could Give You the Opportunity to Have a Flexible Career Path

If you are asking yourself  “What can I do with a Bachelor's degree in business?” Since a business degree is so versatile, the answer to that question is, a lot! According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, employment of business and financial operations occupations is projected to grow 10 percent from 2016 to 2026, which is faster than the average for all occupations, adding about 773,800 new jobs in the field. (1) 

Earning a business degree could lead you to careers that range from working with people to focusing on products. These paths include but are not limited to: business operations, financial specialists, management positions, sales, economists, public relations, and a variety of other occupations! (2/3) 

Earning your degree in business usually serves as a gateway degree for many top-level careers and having the opportunity to increase your earning potential. With the foundation you build in your business degree classes, you could explore a variety of futures whether it be becoming a law student, being a financial analyst, or a well-established customer service representative! While there are many paths you could embark on with a degree in business, it all depends on what your career goals are.

So ask yourself, “Where do I see myself in five years?” and let your education lead the way!


Be in control of your future career path. Enroll in business degree classes today! 


Your Business Degree Program Could Strengthen Your Skills | Stand Out to Employers! 

Although the business field is very versatile and you have the option to choose the career path you desire, there are qualities that are universal to each. To perform well at any job, there are certain characteristics you should aim to possess. These different qualities could help you think outside of the box and may even help you stand out to potential employers! While earning a business degree, you may gain transferable skills that you could take with you into the field. Listed below are just a few examples of qualities that are important in a business career (4-7): 

  • Analytical skills
    • Processing a variety of information
  • Communication skills
    • Speaking to and communicating with clients in a clear language that is easily understandable
  • Computer skills
    • Must be adept at using different software packages
  • Detail Oriented
    • Paying close attention to details when dealing with numbers or possible investment analysis’
  • Math skills
    • The use of mathematical skills is critical whether analyzing, comparing, interpreting facts and figures, etc.
  • Decision-making skills
    • It is important to be able to make decisions when resolving disputes
  • Writing skills
    • Present information in writing that is understandable to the target audience

Pursue Your B.A. in Business Online at Ashland University

Why wait any longer? Put your diverse range of interests and qualities to work by enrolling in Ashland University’s business degree classes! You will have the opportunity to learn valuable business skills like human resource management, market research, project management, operations management, accounting, finance, and so much more! We welcome our students to explore what concentration appeals to you the most while taking your business courses.

Ashland University offers a Business Administration major in the online bachelor of business program! This major will teach you how to run many different interrelated aspects of a company. These aspects include finance, interpersonal skills, employee relations, marketing, data management, and more! (8) In our online business program, qualified senior-level students may take up to 9 hours of graduate classes that could count towards their undergraduate degree, as well as a degree in an MBA program at Ashland!

As well as a major in Business Administration, our school offers a minor in Business Management which gives more extensive training. Out of the hundreds of colleges and universities with online programs, we have an online college program that helps you reach your goals! 

Enrolling at Ashland University is your next step towards creating a successful future. Here at Ashland, our online business students have the opportunity to learn how a business operates in society. Students who earn their business degree and complete the program could have a broad range of exciting new opportunities that could brighten your future! Embrace the versatility of business degree classes and get started on your new career path today! 


Are you ready to embrace the versatility of a Bachelor’s degree in business? Click here to learn more about Ashland University’s business degree classes!


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