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Why Study Communication at Ashland University?

Studying communication gives you the opportunity to develop important life skills and could help you succeed professionally. If you aren’t sure if communication is the right path for you, we have done some work and answered the question “Why study communication at Ashland University?” by detailing the many benefits of our program.

Here, at Ashland University, we offer a Bachelor of Arts in Communication Studies that is designed to help students strengthen their skills that apply to institutional and relational contexts in the communication field. Coming out of this program, we want our students to know their value and have the ability to communicate their worth. Our curriculum provides an emphasis on leadership and corporate communication, all while encouraging students to gain communication skills like:

  • Speaking
  • Listening
  • Writing
  • Leadership
  • Organization
  • Conflict negotiation

This program is focused on non-traditional students who seek accessibility and flexibility in their education. Offered 100% online, students earn 30 credit hours while gaining new skills and techniques in the field of communication. During your studies, you will see that the program is structured to build upon your knowledge and skills as students gain experience in each course. This program does require a minor or dual major.

Reach Your Career Goals and Communicate Your Worth.

With a Communication Studies Bachelor’s Degree from AU, graduates have the advantage to explore a variety of career paths. Graduates who have majored in communication studies could work in industries like:

  • Higher Education Administration
  • Healthcare Industry
  • Social Service/Non-Profit
  • Human Resources
  • Sales/Customer Service
  • PR/Marketing/Advertising
  • City/County/Government Agencies
  • Corporate Management and Specialist
  • Public Relations Specialists
  • Market Researchers

In the College of Arts and Sciences, we encourage students to gain a breadth of knowledge to apply these skills to their future goals. We want to see our students succeed inside and outside of the program. Communication degrees start with foundational courses, where students will gain a basic knowledge of communication in the world at large. Then, following with advanced coursework as you gain more apprehensive skills and techniques. At the culmination of your studies, you could be prepared to step into the workforce, knowing how to communicate your worth and value in whatever path you choose!

Below, you will find the student guide to success for our Bachelor of Arts in Communication Studies, providing you with the coursework required to complete your degree. If you are still asking yourself “Why Study Communication at Ashland University?” then consider browsing through our Student Guide to Success and find out how you could communicate your worth!

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Download the PDF below to learn how you could begin to communicate your worth with Ashland University's Bachelor of Arts in Communication Studies online!

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