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JENIFER"I really enjoy how much time and effort the professors put into making sure the students succeed and do well. It really makes me look forward to what my future career might be." – Jennifer Moore '16

EMILY“The connections you make here at Ashland are truly invaluable. I feel confident in being able to find a job after graduation not only because my classes prepared me completely, but also because of the experience I gained from professionals in the field.” – Emily Sparks '16

Associates General Studies Degree Online at Ashland University

Ashland University is continuing its tradition of making high quality education both affordable and attainable with its new Associates General Studies online degree program.

The Associate of Arts degree is designed for those students who are entering careers which do not require four years of college. In addition, the general studies online degree program is the perfect degree option for students who haven’t chosen which career path they would like to pursue just yet. 

The faculty and staff at Ashland University in our General Studies program select course material suitable for first year learners. 

Why Choose Ashland University for Your Associates in General Studies Degree?

Associate’s General Studies Degree Online at Ashland University

The coursework for the general studies online degree program, which includes standard associates degree core requirements, allows students to concentrate on specific academic areas that interest them most. The program will be especially appealing to students who have completed coursework outside of Ashland University, or perhaps toward a major that no longer exists, and would like to finish the degree they previously began.

More importantly, coursework that is taken as part of the associates degree with a concentration in general studies can be used later toward a Bachelor’s Degree at Ashland University. All 60 credit hours required for the degree can be completed in a fully-online format, and at $512 per credit hour, the associates degree with a concentration in general studies is an incredible value.

Does this sound like the right career path for you? Request information by filling out the form to the right and a representative will get back to you shortly! Remember, requesting information is easy and only takes a couple seconds. Simply fill out the form and an Ashland University representative will get back to you shortly. Did you know that our University is a top 200 national college as ranked by U.S. News & World Report?

Associates in General Studies Course Offerings:

Ashland University’s online associates degree in general studies allows you a wide range of coursework while focusing on the skills you need most. Our program of study includes:
  • Communication
  • Composition
  • Lifetime Wellness
  • Math/Logic

Career Paths for Graduates with an Associate Degree in General Studies:

Here are some career paths a General Studies major could pursue:

  • Sales Agent
  • Customer Service Representative
  • Assistant Bank Branch Manager

  • Assistant Project Manager

The Best Time to Start Earning Your Degree is Today!

Student Studying General Studies Online at Ashland University


Ashland University is accredited by the North Central Association of Colleges and Schools and is authorized by the Ohio Board of Regents to grant associates, bachelor's, master’s and doctoral degrees.

  • $550 per semester hour
  • 7-week courses
  • No registration fees