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You work long hours and come home exhausted from your day. You need additional skills to maintain job security. You want to advance, but don’t know if the cost is worth the investment. At Ashland University, we can give you the tools you need to advance, at a cost you can afford, and with a schedule that meets the needs of a working adult.

What is Multidisciplinary Studies?

Ashland’s Multidisciplinary Studies program allows a student who is interested in more than one field of study to design an individual major by drawing on courses from two or three subject areas.

Bachelor's Degree in Multidisciplinary Studies OnlineAshland offers either a B.A. or B.S. degree in Multidisciplinary Studies (MDS) and this individualized, multidisciplinary degree program allows students flexibility in designing degree programs that relate to their personal academic and career goals. Students will complete the University Core Curriculum requirements, take a cohesive set of courses from two different content areas (cognates), and complete a Multidisciplinary Capstone Experience (3 hours). This degree program provides a path to achieve baccalaureate degrees for those students whose interests lie in multiple areas and/or whose accumulated semester credit hours may not otherwise combine to qualify them for one of AU's existing baccalaureate degrees.

Students selecting the Multidisciplinary Studies Major is expected to achieve the following student learning outcomes:

  1. Identify the issues, problems, or goals addressed by each cognate area
  2. Demonstrate familiarity with the terminology commonly used in each cognate area
  3. Appraise key texts or significant works in each cognate area
  4. Explain the mode of inquiry or creative process that characterizes each cognate area
  5. Describe how the two cognate areas contrast with each other, or complement one another, in ways that create a greater understanding that either would provide alone
  6. Apply knowledge and skills from both cognate areas to address a relevant problem or issue

These programs of study are academically rigorous and require significant student initiative. A student will work with two full-time faculty mentors and their respective dean(s), chosen from each of the cognate areas, to design a Multidisciplinary Studies Major, which falls within the competence of university faculty. Conceptualizing the major is the responsibility of the student and, in some cases, may be facilitated by using a faculty designed template. The student prepares a proposal showing a progression of study in consultation with the Coordinator of the Multidisciplinary Studies program and two faculty mentors based in departments that are related to the proposed major.

Why Choose Ashland University for Your Multidisciplinary Studies Degree?

Multidisciplinary studies degree programs allow students to devise individual programs with coursework from several areas of study. Graduates with a degree in Multidisciplinary Studies can go into many fields including counseling, journalism or advertising, depending on learners' selected areas of study, work experience and level of educational attainment. English, psychology, political science and business are just some of the different majors that students can combine into a multidisciplinary or interdisciplinary studies degree program. These programs allow self-directed students to mix and match subjects to create a customized course of study. Depending on how students tailor their curricula, a multidisciplinary studies degree program can prepare them for various careers.

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