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The Online Bachelor of Arts in Applied Communications at Ashland University prepares students for a broad range of careers by providing a strong foundation in a variety of communication skills. Our online Bachelor of Arts in Applied Communications covers topics involving verbal and nonverbal communication, listening skills, writing skills, leadership, public speaking, and conflict negotiation skills. These useful topics can be applied to a variety of institutional, relational, and real-world contexts. 

Ashland University's Online Applied Communications Program

The online Bachelor's in Applied Communications teaches students the importance and foundational aspects of communication in workplace organizations, human relations, social media, and more. As a communications major, we will challenge your ability to multitask by navigating common communication issues in today’s society. 

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Is the online Communication degree program at Ashland University right for me?                            

Here, at Ashland, you will cover various areas of applied communications and our Bachelor of Arts in Applied Communications Online is aimed at non-traditional students seeking flexibility and accessibility. Whether you would like to complete an unfinished degree, accomplish higher education goals for career advancement, or explore a broad range of new career opportunities, our online communication program meets your busy schedule! As a working adult, you deserve a bachelor of arts degree in applied communication through a university that offers ultimate flexibility and student enrollment through an online program. 

At Ashland University, we strive to provide our adult learners with options to excel as a major in communication through our online programs. We take into consideration how online learning can advance your career by providing you the opportunity to study and provide flexibility to fit your education into your daily life. Online class sizes are small to foster engagement with your professors.  With courses designed by experts in the field, you could have the knowledge and skills to achieve a rewarding career. This could be the right career path for you!

In addition to critical thinking and ethical decision-making, our program includes a robust curriculum demonstrating:

  • Becoming an effective leader in a small group using strategic communication and interpersonal communication skills
  • Analysis of communication in relationships, conflict resolution tactics and various intervention techniques
  • Understanding of communication tools including research design, implementation and interpretation

Choose FIVE elective courses to explore the various types of communication and how they are present in our society.

  • COM 205: Introduction to Public Relations
  • COM 206 Small Group Communication
  • COM 210: Family Communication
  • COM 301: Public Speaking
  • COM 302: Intercultural Communication
  • COM 304: Interpersonal Communication
  • COM 305: Organizational Communication
  • COM 333: Leadership Communication

Our Bachelor of Arts in Applied Communications online program explores various areas of applied communication. Throughout the program, students have the opportunity to build their own portfolio consisting of research projects, accomplishments, and experiences. The program does require a minor or dual major.

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Applied Communications Careers for Graduates with a Bachelor of Arts in Applied Communication:

If you are asking yourself “What can an Applied Communications major do?” here is a brief list of where past students have used their communication degree to advance in the following professions:

  • City/County/Government Agencies
  • Corporate Management and Specialist
  • Public Relations Specialists
  • Market Researchers
  • Higher Education Administration
  • Healthcare Industry
  • Social Service/Non-Profit
  • Human Resources
  • Sales/Customer Service

According to the National Association of Colleges and Employers’ Job Outlook 2016, the top 50% of attributes employers desire on a candidate's resume are directly related to the content covered in a Bachelor of Arts in Applied Communication.

Features of the Program:

  • 100% online delivery
  • 30 total credit hours allows for flexibility with transfer credit and minor options
  • Focus on message creation, analysis, and delivery in face-to-face and mediated contexts
  • Emphasis on corporate communication and leadership
  • Relational and institutional application of skills
  • Foundational health communication information aimed at patients and practitioners
  • Enhanced cultural competencies applied to our ever-increasing global world
  • Conflict negotiation techniques for both relational and organization contexts
  • Risk and crisis management skills for private, government, and non-profit institutions
  • Coursework leading into Masters of Arts in Corporate and Strategic Communication

Here, at Ashland University, we strive to give our students the skills and knowledge needed to advance in their coursework and future career, all through an online environment. 

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Online Communication Studies - Ashland University

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