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Serve and Protect Your Community | Start with Criminal Justice Degree Classes Online

criminal justice degree classes

Are you someone who enjoys helping others? Have you always aspired to protect and give back to your community through a rewarding career? If so, then enrolling in criminal justice degree classes could be an integral step towards your future! Whether you are just beginning your first job, or are looking to change paths later in life, choosing a degree in criminal justice is something that could make an impact on the lives of individuals for years to come. 

Choosing an area of study for a higher education degree program is a big part of a students journey to their future career. As someone who inspired to help others by working in public service, criminal justice degree classes could bring you a step closer to pursuing a rewarding career. Studying criminal justice and having the education required to complete your degree could advance your future, and gaining the opportunity to work in the field of criminal justice means that your work could have a powerful effect on a community.

Continue reading as we breakdown how you could serve and protect your community with criminal justice degree classes!

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Jobs that Protect Your Community | A Variety of Careers in the Criminal Justice Field

Whether you’re pursuing an online criminal justice associate’s degree or an online criminal justice bachelor degree, there are many different paths in the field that could help you protect your community! A popular choice for criminal justice majors is to become a police officer or a detective. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, with the ever-growing and continued need for public safety, the employment of police and detectives is projected to grow 5 percent from 2018 to 2028, varying on location. (1)

By taking criminal justice degree classes, you could also have the opportunity to become a probation officer or correctional treatment specialist, where you may be assigned to high-crime areas. (2) While enrolled in your criminal justice degree classes, you could find a path that most aligns with your career goals. Whether that be in topics including criminal law, juvenile justice, criminal behavior, homeland security, etc. The variety of paths available in the criminal justice field could make it possible for you to serve and protect your community!

Valuable Qualities of a Criminal Justice Professional

Some important qualities of a person in the criminal justice system who encourage law and order are: (3)

  • Effective communication skills
    • Criminal justice professionals must be able to speak with people when gathering facts about a crime, or expressing details about an incident.
  • Empathy
    • Criminal justice professionals must also understand the perspectives of a wide variety of people, and have a willingness to help the public.
  • Leadership skills
    • Criminal justice professionals have to be comfortable with being the person who the public looks to for assistance in emergencies.
  • Good Judgment
    • Criminal justice professionals must be able to determine the best way to solve a problem quickly in criminal investigations and a variety of difficult situations.

During your criminal justice degree classes, you could build a foundation of these skills that you’ll be able to bring into the workforce and use on a daily basis. Criminal justice professionals use effective communication skills, empathy, leadership qualities, and their good judgment to familiarize themselves with the people they serve, as they are highly visible members of their community. Careers in the criminal justice field may be mentally and physically demanding as well, which could require physical stamina and strength, but each path holds its own set of rewards and benefits depending on what you are looking for.

The Safeguarding Techniques You Will Learn in Your Criminal Justice Degree Classes

As a criminal justice professional, you’ll have the opportunity to be an important part of strengthening your community. You might do this by taking action to preserve the safety of its members! During your online criminal justice associate’s degree or online criminal justice bachelor degree courses, you could learn the fundamentals of the criminal justice system.

What you can do:

  • Encourage others in the community to also take steps towards making it a safer, more secure place to live!
  • Be at the forefront of defense by strengthening public safety and law enforcement corrections in your community

While you are strengthening your neighborhood by taking action to preserve its members’ safety, you may also be actively improving the community you are a part of!

Figure Out Why Crimes Occur in a Criminal Justice Online Program

During your criminal justice degree classes, you will not only learn how to react to a crime, but you will also gain an understanding of why crime and violence occur. Understanding this background information may be helpful in keeping your community safe by encouraging them to understand why crimes are committed as well. Keeping your community informed may be one of the most effective ways of keeping them safe.

The more you know, the safer you and your community could be! By relaying your knowledge to your community members, you’ll have the opportunity to better protect and educate them while performing your duties as a criminal justice professional.

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Begin Your Journey with Criminal Justice Courses Online at Ashland University!

Now that you have a better understanding of how studying criminal justice could give you the opportunity to serve and protect your community, there is no better time to enroll! Successfully completing your online criminal justice degree classes will bring you closer to obtaining a career as a criminal justice professional, where you could achieve your goals of serving and protecting the public and your community every day. Whether this is your first career opportunity, or you are looking to start something new later in life, Ashland University’s criminal justice programs are fully online and are flexible enough for all schedules!

Taking criminal justice courses online allows you to grow, evolve, and think about the issues of today’s world, all while showcasing your passion to serve and protect neighborhoods near you. Our criminal justice students are taught by faculty members with real-word experience in the field of criminal justice and human services. We offer programs including studies in victimology, emergency management, criminal justice policy, and much more!

Ashland University offers two online criminal justice degree programs for our students:

Here at Ashland, we encourage our students to better serve and protect their communities. If you’re looking to just begin your career or you’re trying to advance within the field, our criminal justice programs could be beneficial to you! Your future starts with our criminal justice degree classes!

Grow, Evolve, and Lead with Ashland University’s criminal justice degree classes online! 


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