On-Campus Employment

Looking for work

Vacancies are posted on the bulletin board outside of the Financial Aid Office, 3rd floor, Founders Hall.
This includes a list of both off-campus and on-campus jobs.
(You should only be looking for an off-campus job if you have already been approved for CPT, OPT or Economic Hardship.)

The Career Development Center also has a webpage that lists available on-campus jobs at ashland.edu/career.

International students are not eligible for the Federal Work/Study program (this is a government-funded program that reimburses universities for part of a students hourly wage).

If you obtain employment, there is paperwork that must be completed at the ISS office.

Please make an appointment with Scott Parillo and bring your passport and I-20.

Food Services

* While not guaranteed, Food Services does try to give hours to international students, and is the best place to look for work if you want to start very soon.
* There are threes areas, and it is best to try and find these people in person:
CONVO (Student Dining Hall)
CATERING (Special Functions): Auxiliary Services Office on the 1st Floor, Amstuz Hall
EAGLE'S NEST (Restaurant in the Student Center)

International Student Services

When a vacancy exists for one of our internship positions, students who have been at the university for at least one semester are invited to apply.

International Club

International Club positions offer scholarships. New officers are interviewed and chosen each spring semester, and begin their duties the following fall semester. Both international and American students are encouraged to apply. Open to any degree-level. Watch for announcements about when applications are available.

Other Departments

  • Internships exist within other departments and applications are usually reviewed once per year. Any openings will be listed with Financial Aid.
  • Resident Assistant Positions: Informational fairs are usually held around the end of the fall semesters, and applications are available at the Residence Life office (3rd Floor, Founders). Applications are usually only accepted once per year.
  • Part-time jobs for students exist in many departments. Consult the Financial Aid bulletin board (3rd Floor, Founder's Hall) or the Career Development Center's CSO database.

Regular University Employment

  • An F-1 student is eligible to apply for PART-TIME university employment, but only do so if you have the required qualifications.
  • An F-1 student visa does not permit you to work in a full-time position unless it is related to your area of study and you have been approved for OPT (or the department is willing to sponsor you for a change of status to another visa).
  • Available positions are posted outside of the Personnel office in the basement of Founder's Hall or by calling the Job Line at 419-289-7788.


  • Make personal visits to each department, even if they do not have a job posted, and talk to others who already have a job in the department in which you are interested. This is called "networking," and will help others to know that you are looking for work.
  • Take looking for a job on campus seriously. Dress neatly and consider making up a mini resume to take along.
  • Get involved. This method of networking can lead to many opportunities. Volunteer, join clubs, ask your department or college for advice and leads.
  • Read the LENI and check the bulletin board outside the ISS office. If the ISS office hears of anything, we will often let you know through one of these methods.


Immigration Guidelines

  • No more than 20 hours per week during fall and spring semesters
  • You can have a job in more than one department, as long as your hours do not total more than 20 per week
  • Can work more hours during all break periods (summer semester, Christmas, etc.)
  • Forms must be completed with Susan Rosa before you can start work, please make an appointment, and bring your passport and I-94
  • Some sponsoring agencies do not allow their students to work while studying, please check with your agency first if this applies to you.


Social Security, Your Pay Check, and Taxes

  • In order to start working on campus, you must have applied for (or received) a Social Security Number. Check with the ISS office for more information.
  • The payroll department will deduct Federal, State and Local (Ashland) taxes automatically from your pay check. You SHOULD NOT have any taxes deducted under the MEDI or FICA categories. If so, please visit the Business Office to have this corrected.
  • You will have to file a tax return in the spring semester (deadline is April 15). The ISS office will provide workshops to assist you with this important task.