H-Visas, Permanent Residency and U.S. Citizenship

Please note that the information provided on this page is just that, information. Should you have further questions you should consider contacting an immigration attorney or visiting the USCIS website. The International Student Services personnel do not have the authority, or experience, to advise you on matters that do not pertain to F or J visas.

Temporary Worker Visas

There are a number of employer sponsored visas, which cannot be obtained by an individual. The most usual one that a professional would require is the H-1B; it is for highly skilled workers, and requires at least a bachelor's degree to be eligible. For the F-1 student, the most common route to an H-1B visa is while working for an employer under the Optional Practical Training program. Some employers will have departments or attorneys that will complete the application process, other employers may ask the employee to complete the paperwork on their behalf.

Information on the H-1B process

USCIS Website

Marriage to a U.S. Citizen (or other Family Sponsorship)

Note that there are two different types of application processes, one if you are already in the U.S. and marrying a U.S. Citizen, and another if you are outside of the country, and wanting to enter the U.S. as the fiancee of a citizen.

Information on a green card via marriage

USCIS Website

Permanent Residency (Green card)

You cannot apply for a green card with F-1 student visa status, unless you have some other type of sponsorship, such as an employer or family member, to help. For the different ways to obtain a green card, please visit the websites below.

Information on getting a green card

USCIS Website

U.S. Citizenship

You must be a permanent resident before you can apply for citizenship. The length of time this might take depends of the category of permanent residency that you have.