Resident Information

Ashland University offers you seven modern residence halls on campus, each only a few minutes from all the campus facilities. You will have a residence hall room reserved for you according to the preferences you mark on the application form or on the housing preference card.

International/ACCESS students live in the same residence halls with American students. Residence hall rooms are available year round. Except in summer terms, it is usually possible to live with American roommates.

You will have a variety and plenty of delicious food to eat in the award-winning Convo. This buffet-style cafeteria and fast-food Eagle's Nest are for students living on-campus as part of the meal plan. Others may eat there, too, for a reasonable price.

On-campus housing for married students is not provided. However, moderately priced off-campus housing is available for married students. Other students with special needs may also choose to live off campus.

International students are permitted to stay on campus during breaks for an additional fee.

Because so many of the Ashland University students live on-campus, there is a very active social and activity schedule. There is always something educational, exciting, and fun for students to be involved in.

To view each residence hall, please visit the Residence Life page.

On-Campus Housing: If you are an undergraduate student under 22 years old you are required to stay on-campus in a dormitory. All on-campus housing arrangements are dealt with by the office of Residence Life. You may make a petition to move off-campus with this office under special circumstances. Your acceptance package will contain a housing form.

If you are a graduate student, you are not required to live on-campus.

Temporary Housing for Graduate Students (or undergraduate students over the age of 22): When you arrive to begin your studies we will place you in temporary housing. Currently we are using the Surrey Inn. If desired and available, a roommate can be assigned, and the cost of the room can be shared.

Off-Campus Housing for Graduate Students (or undergraduate students over the age of 22): There are a number of options available for off-campus housing. The ISS office will have information available on rooming houses that welcome international students. Rentals of apartments or houses can be done by checking the classified advertisements in the local newspaper, or by working with a real estate office. The ISS office has a listing of rental agencies and buildings, which we will provide upon your arrival.

In general, you might expect to pay about $250.00 per month at a rooming house, and $350.00 to $500.00 for an apartment. The rental of a home can vary from $600.00 to over $1,000.00 per month. In almost all cases, you would also be expected to pay additional for utilities.