Undergraduate Transfer Credit Guidelines

If you are applying as a transfer student it is very helpful to provide course descriptions for the classes listed on your transcript. We will review the classes you have taken and the degree you are considering, and give you information on what courses you will need to take to complete your degree, and how long it will take.

Your evaluation is based on the following guidelines:

1) No credit or transfer is given for English composition, literature or language classes. If your TOEFL score is at or above 550 PBT, 213 CBT or 75 iBT then general elective credit may be granted at the discretion of the Registrar's office for suitable courses. Exemptions are not permitted.

2) Only classes with a grade of C- or higher can be considered for transfer credit.

3) Students entering with 30-59 transferable hours must take at least two Tier 2 courses at Ashland and students entering with 60 transferable hours are required to take at least one Tier 2 course, even if all Core requirements have been met through courses taken at another institution.

4) Transfer students must fulfill all Institutional Degree Core Requirements.

5) Second Degree students:

  • May earn a second degree or major in a different field of study.
  • Do not have to fulfill the Institutional Degree Requirements.
  • The requirement of a minor may be waived if sufficient course work is submitted for 2nd degree or associate degree students.

6) If your major is “Comprehensive," then a minor is not required. We often use the estimate of 15 hours for a minor, but what you choose may have more or less. Generally, most Bachelor of Arts degrees (B.A.) require a minor, and most Bachelor of Science (BSc) do not.

7) The academic year has two semesters: Fall: August to December, Spring: January to May. Ashland University also offers Summer Sessions of 4-6 weeks in duration.

8) Semester Credit Hours:

  • The average number of hours a student takes per semester is 15.
  • The minimum to be a full-time student is 12.
  • The maximum number included in tuition fees is 18.
  • 120 credits are required to earn a undergraduate/Bachelor's degree.

9) If a transfer student began his/her original program more than 5 years before matriculation at Ashland University, then the current catalog upon matriculation will be used. In all cases the current core requirements will be used.

10) Cambridge A Levels: Transfer credit may be available for A level passes. One year's credit for passes at A, B or C. One semester's credit for passes at D or E.

An official evaluation will be completed by the Registrar during your first semester at Ashland University, and only with official, notarized or certified transcript While every effort will be made to honor the information provided here, it is subject to change and the Registrar's approval.