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The purpose of the International Club is:

  • To meet the social needs of students (both foreign and American) interested in international affairs
  • To provide programs that will encourage increased awareness of world cultures among the campus and Ashland city communities
  • To give international students an opportunity to take advantage of the activities offered by the club

2017/2018 Club Officers
President: Dana Awlia

Dana Awlia   

Hello, My name is Dana Awlia, and I am an undergraduate international student from Saudi Arabia. I am sophomore; I major in Psychology and minor in Ethics. In my free time, I like to read, watch tv shows, play tennis, and practice playing guitar. Something interesting about me would be that I’m kinda obsessed with collecting books. Like even if I read the book online or borrowed it from a friend, I’ll have to buy one myself.

I am the president of the International Club. I joined the Club because when I first came to AU, I felt like how all new students (especially International students) feel. Lonely, homesick, and a stranger. One of the things that helped me not feel these things was the International Club, and through the International Club, I met all the people I now call my friends. And that’s why I wanted to work for the International Club. I want to make new International students feel welcome, and help them with anything they need. I’m also very interested in different cultures and religions, and the International Club is the best place to learn and talk about all our differences and still love each other!

You can reach her through:


Officers: Nabire Reyimu, Aajah Chapman, shuoyu chen, Sean Quigley,


Nabire Reyimu

Hello, My name is Nabire Reyimu, and I am a graduate student from northwest of China, my major is Education administration. In my free time, I like working out, traveling, and reading books.I just start learning kick boxing recently! I don’t think it is a rough and crucial game for girls, because it has much more fun than I thought.

The reason I join the International Club is I like the events they held last few semesters, such as introducing different countries’ cultures, pop-sing game and puzzle games. I feel I involved in this community more than I think, I enjoyed it and so glad AU can give us these chance to know all different things. And absolutely, I make lots of friends from various counties which let me feel blessed and satisfying. And this why I wanted to work for the International Club. I want to let new International students feel more involved in school’s friendly atmosphere, and help them feel like home.


shuoyu chen

Hello, My name is shuoyu chen, Because my Chinese name is not easy to read, so everyone can call me Joanna. I am an international graduate student from China. I am major in education. In my free time I like work out ,watch Japanese Anime and TV shows. I like to try different fresh things.Every night I will feed some food for stray cats at my doorstep. I like kittens very much.

I joined the Club because when I first came to AU, The members of the international club helped me solve a lot of problems which I didn't understand. I got a lot of help in my student life, so I have to repay the help where I got. that’s why I wanted to work for the International Club. I want to make new students feel welcome, and don’t feel nervous. I would like to learned more different culture and language!



Hello, My name is Aajah Chapman, and I am an undergraduate student from Streetsboro, OH. I am a Freshmen; I haven’t declared my major yet, but I am interested in business management as a major and international business as a minor. In my free time, I like to dance and draw. Something interesting about me is that I have crazy dreams and you should totally ask me about one day. Another thing is that I literally listen to everything and all types of music. From hip-hop, rock, Kpop, to Viking and epic music.

I joined the international club recently because I love helping others and I want to learn and help share their culture with others.



Hello, I am Sean Quigley, I am from New Knoxville, Ohio. I am a freshman majoring in International Political Studies and am minoring in Political Economy. In my free time, I like to work out, practice martial arts, and languages, specifically, Arabic, Turkish, and Uyghur.

I joined the international club recently because I have an interest in different cultures and languages.


Club Advisor
Scott Parillo

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