Student Affairs staff - 2021


The Division of Student Affairs at Ashland University is committed to promoting the academic purpose of the university while enhancing student learning outside of the classroom. Through collaboration with faculty, staff and students, we strive to build a strong community of respect and affirm the value of each individual.

Institutional Student Learning Outcomes

Intellectual Development

Students will analyze evidence, apply specialized knowledge, and think critically and creatively to solve problems.

Ethical Development

Students will apply principles of integrity and ethical decision-making to address real-world issues.

Civic Engagement

Students will apply knowledge, skills, and values in order to work, serve, and lead in their communities.

Global and Intercultural Competence

Students will exhibit competence for constructive engagement within global and intercultural contexts.

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Division of Student Affairs

Dr. Robert Pool
Vice President for Student Affairs
Title IX Co-Coordinator

Colleen Hord
Office Manager, Division of Student Affairs