Criminal Background Checks for Those Interacting with Minors

The following categories of adults are required to undergo a criminal background check prior to their participation in University activities or programs involving minors. Note that results must be received prior to the individual's participation in the program. ALLOW FOR AT LEAST TEN (10) BUSINESS DAYS PRIOR TO THE START OF THE PROGRAM FOR PROCESS COMPLETION.

  • Directors and supervisors of programs involving minors, including those who are responsible for supervising those who interact with minors;
  • Those who stay overnight with minors as part of their job responsibilities in a program or activity involving minors; and
  • Those who regularly spend time alone with minors as part of their job responsibilities or role in a program involving minors.

University Human Resources will oversee the processing of criminal background checks. The cost of the background check will be borne by the department, activity, or program responsible for the program involving minors and charged to the University Cost Center designated by the department, activity, or program.

Background checks shall consist of a Social Security Number trace and address locator, a search of federal, state or county databases for criminal history, and a sex offender registry check.

If a background check reveals adverse information or unfavorable results, an individualized assessment will be conducted, taking into account the following:

  • the nature of the finding;
  • the job for which the applicant is being considered;
  • the underlying event(s) that occurred;
  • the time elapsed since the finding;
  • the applicant's employment history and other evidence of his or her activities in the intervening time since the finding; and
  • other relevant information.

A prior conviction shall not automatically disqualify an applicant from a program or activity, but shall be considered using the criteria identified above.

For University-sponsored or affiliated programs or activities, only a background check conducted by Ashland University or an external source approved by Ashland University will be accepted for purposes of this policy.
Background checks for Ashland University employees and students who participate in University-sponsored or affiliated programs or activities involving minors must be renewed after four (4) years.

For employees who started work on or after November 2011 and who, therefore, were required to have a background check completed as a condition of employment with Ashland University, the four (4) year period for purposes of the Protection of Minors policy will be calculated from the date the background check was completed. For those who started work before November 2011, the four (4) year period will be calculated from the date the background check required under this policy is completed.

Any person who is required by this Policy to have a background check is under a continuing obligation, as long as he/she continues to participate in programs or activities involving minors, to disclose immediately any new felony or misdemeanor conviction to the Office of Safety Services.

Non-University organizations and entities that operate programs or activities on campus involving minors must conduct criminal background checks of their employees, volunteers, and representatives that meet Ashland standards. If any background check conducted by a non-University program returns a conviction or other adverse information, the external program must inform their Ashland University contact person in writing. The University may exclude any external program employee, volunteer, or representative who does not successfully pass a background check. Non-University organizations and entities must also submit a certification of compliance with the background check rules described herein, including that they have conducted background checks as set forth in this Policy and that they have disclosed all convictions revealed by background checks, prior to the start of any program or activity involving minors on campus. The University may request any additional information it deems necessary to meet the requirements of this Policy.

Title IX Coordinator

Robert Pool
Vice President of Student Affairs
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