Students are encouraged to attempt to resolve a problem whenever possible by discussing it with the person with whom they are having the problem. Requesting an appointment with the staff or faculty member to discuss the matter in a calm and mature fashion is always the first step to trying to resolve a dispute. For example, if a student has concerns related to classroom situations or administrative actions, he/she should contact the faculty or staff member(s) with whom he/she has a conflict. It may be possible to resolve the concerns without the need for formal institutional action. However, if the problem is not resolved through this action, the student should then contact the faculty member’s department chair, or the staff person’s supervisor. If the problem is not resolved satisfactorily, or if it cannot be resolved by contacting the faculty/staff member(s) or their supervisor/administrator, or if the student decides for whatever reason that she or he is not able to resolve the situation in this manner, or if the student is unsure to whom the concern should be addressed, the student should proceed to the Formal Resolution Procedure.

Title IX Coordinator

Robert Pool
Vice President of Student Affairs
244 Hawkins-Conard Student Center