Current Student: an individual who is currently enrolled full-time or part-time, or was enrolled at the institution within the previous two semesters (one academic year) when the underlying circumstances of the complaint first occurred, and who has not been suspended or dismissed, or otherwise required to reapply for admission.

Former Student: an individual who has not been enrolled full-time or part-time for the previous two semesters (one academic year), and who no longer has login access to AU portal.

Student Complaint: A complaint is an expression of dissatisfaction regarding a department, service, process, student, University employee, or a University administrative action, that is inconsistent with University policies. 

Formal Complaint: For current students, complaints submitted via the AU Webform will be considered formal complaints. For former students, the completed downloaded PDF emailed to the Executive Director of Institutional Effectiveness will be considered formal complaints.

Title IX Coordinator

Robert Pool
Vice President of Student Affairs
244 Hawkins-Conard Student Center