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Life long friendships and memories are created through fraternity relations. Social activities include social events, date parties, formals and other  programs. Men at Ashland University join fraternities because they want to create a sense of belonging and opportunities for involvement, but they also provide honest friendship that last a lifetime.


Fraternities encourage and foster leadership growth and responsibility. The opportunities available to members promote strong leadership skills. Chapters also encourage their members to become involved in the campus community as well. Many student leaders of the organizations at Ashland University are Fraternity men. Fraternities are devoted to providing dynamic leadership seminars, which allow members to discover and refine their leadership skills.


The primary reason for attending a college or university is to earn a degree. For this reason, promoting high academic standards is the primary focus of all  chapters. The reason behind the academic accomplishments of Fraternity men can be best substantiated by the high chapter standard. Each chapter promotes and recognizes academic and excellence by implementing scholarship programs and incentives.


Fraternities use philanthropic projects to give back to the surrounding community. Each chapter devotes time and effort to make an impact on others both locally and nationally. Fraternities participate in numerous community service projects to benefit local and national chapters. These efforts include raising money for the ALS Association, Boys and Girls Club of America, the Military Heros Campaign, St. Jude Children's Research Hospital and many more deserving causes . Last year, fraternities completed over 1,200 hours of service to the local community and national organization.

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Did You Know He's Greek?

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Ronald Reagan

Matthew McConaughey

Danny Thomas

Will Ferrell

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Shaquille O’Neil

Steve Forbes

Zach Braff

Michael Jordan

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Bob Barker

Kenny Chesney

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Zac Brown

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Ashton Kutcher

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