Young Life

Young Life is all about Jesus.

Jesus Christ is the most attractive, talked about and dynamic personality that has ever walked the earth. We are convinced that if people get the chance to know Him, they will discover that a relationship with Him is what they were made for. There is nothing more important to us than getting people in front of Jesus.

Young Life is all about kids.

Most adults think teenagers are out of control and over the edge. There is no other segment of the population that is both misunderstood and yet craves life the way they do. Look at everything they do. It is always over the top. They refuse to settle for anything less than extraordinary, and this is what we love about them, especially those outside the Church. These are the kids we are after. All types of kids - suburban kids, rural kids, urban kids, black kids, white kids, hispanic kids, rich kids, poor kids, athletic kids, musical kids, kids of all abilities and special needs, etc. These are the kids we purposefully pursue friendships with.

Young Life is all about relationships.

Young Life doesn’t start with a program or an event. It starts with leaders who care enough about lost kids to go to them, on their turf and in their world, to build authentic relationships. We as college age leaders spend hours, days, weeks and even months with kids right where they are listening, learning and winning the right to be heard. This is what makes Young Life work. Every kid we meet could be a life-long friend and hopefully follower of Jesus Christ.

Young Life is all about leaders.

Ashland University sits within 20 miles of 5 different high schools. That’s roughly 2,900 high school students all within reach (not to mention middle schools). Our college age volunteer leaders are trained and discipled for a lifestyle of relational ministry. If you have a heart for lost teenagers, you want a mission that will stretch your faith beyond belief, and you want to be part of a dynamic community of mission-minded people seeking Jesus, come check you Young Life at AU!

“Young Life has sharpened my understanding of the Church in mission. It has taken everything we are fed on Sundays at church and in my small group and channeled it toward people. God has called us to reach kids who have not heard or responded to the good news of Jesus Christ. What an awesome gift! Why wouldn’t I want to be part of a mission that gets to hand the Bread of Life to a hungry, hurting world?” - Jacob Jenkins & Kyle Buxton, AU students and Loudonville High School leaders

For more information contact: Andrew Zirkle, Young Life Leader

Andrew -

We meet on Wednesday nights at 8:30 p.m. in the cafe area outside the Lower Chapel on the AU Main Campus.

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